Atari Bytes
310 episodes - last episode 29 May 2022

Did you ever wonder why they sent a plumber to take out Donkey Kong? What Yar was seeking revenge against? ATARI BYTES is more than a game review podcast. It's an exploration of the games to divine what exactly the story within the game is. And if we can't find those answers, we'll make 'em up.
Sun, 02 Oct 2022
With the game NO ESCAPE!, episode 316 is escapist fun you can't escape from! Well, you could just not listen, I suppose. But you wouldn't do that, would you? Would you?!?!? We're playing this 1983 title from iMagic. Goddesses! Guys named Jason!...
 length: 34:57
Sun, 18 Sep 2022
Beep! Beep! Move episode 315 of ATARI BYTES! We're playing CommaVid's unreleased 1983 title RUSH HOUR. Honk if you love games! Bad Poetry Corner: GET OUT OF MY WAY! Thanks to Sean Courtney for the "Storytime" theme.  
 length: 38:59
Sun, 04 Sep 2022
This episode croaks on arrival. In 314, we're "playing" (Sort of) CommaVid's unreleased demo for something maybe called FROG that the programmer dug out of an old box after twenty years and chucked out to the masses without a care...much like this...
 length: 32:57
Sun, 21 Aug 2022
Does episode of 313 get a strong hold on your heart as we play Commavid's 1983 space game STRONGHOLD? Listen and decide for yourself! Original Short Story: THE INEVITABILITY OF HISTORY Thanks to Sean Courtney for the "Storytime" theme.
 length: 29:58
Sun, 07 Aug 2022
In episode 312, we've got tunnel vision, focused only on bringing you a doozy of an episode! This time, it's the 1983 CBS Electronics game TUNNEL RUNNER, a ground-breaking, immersive 4D experience. Okay, actually, they call it it 3D. We added the...
 length: 44:49
Sun, 24 Jul 2022
Call the Orkin man! (Gratuitous Orkin Man shout out. Send me a check.) In episode 311, I'm sorry to tell you, you've got termites. And not just any termites. Giant, space-faring, killer nest-building termites. It's COSMIC SWARM, the 1982 title from...
 length: 35:06
Sun, 10 Jul 2022
Episode 310 is going to the, rabbits. We're playing Apollo's 1982 title WABBIT for the 2600. The bunnies are on a fluffy rampage! So grab your, joysticks and join us! This episode's original short story: THE CABAL Thanks to...
 length: 33:27
Sun, 26 Jun 2022
In ATARI BYTES 309, I hear voices.  This is nothing new, but this time, I know the voices are coming from outside my own head. Probably.  We're closing out Intellivision Month on the podcast by playing the 1982 Mattel title "Space...
 length: 44:22
Sun, 12 Jun 2022
Episode 308 of ATARI BYTES is a blast! A GAS blast, specifically! It's true! In SPACE HAWK, your gas is the only thing that can save the universe. Tell you significant other to stop complaining. The 1982 Mattel title SPACE HAWK is for the...
 length: 27:46
Sun, 29 May 2022
Does the 1983 nuclear terrorism game COUNTERMEASURE for the 5200 measure up to the quality you've come to expect from this podcast? Counter point: Don't sweat it. The podcast is free. Short Story: MEASURE TWICE, CUT ONCE...TO THE BONE Thanks to Sean...
 length: 46:54
Sun, 15 May 2022
Let ye who is without Sin-istar, cast the first pod. Well, fortunately for us, we DO have this episode's game SINISTAR, the 1984 Atari 2600 port prototype of the arcade game. Is the game a heavenly delight or sinfully awful? Count your luck stars and...
 length: 31:22
Mon, 02 May 2022
The 5200 love-fest continues in 305 with QIX. This 1982 puzzling, strategizing, flashy lights game is a keeper...of addictive frustrations. SHORT STORY: QIX-SAND Thanks to Sean Courtney for the Storytime theme.
 length: 50:15
Sun, 17 Apr 2022
In episode 304, you're joining the podcast at an historic moment...the debut of our brand-new (refurbished) ATARI 5200 CONSOLE (Thanks, Jose!) We launch into the stratospheric heights of new game possiblities by falling into the dungeon, the SPACE...
 length: 49:35
Sun, 03 Apr 2022
Throw this ATARI BYTES episode on the junk heap. Episode 303 is going to the SCRAPYARD DOG (For the 7800, Atari, 1990). Is this game doggone fun or just one for the dogs? SHORT STORY - BAD POETRY CORNER: DOGGED Thanks to Sean Courtney for the...
 length: 36:17
Wed, 30 Mar 2022
WE'RE BACK, BABIES! After a scary week while my computer was in the computer hospital getting a hard drive transplant and other upgrades, we're back! And that's not the only reason we're flying high! In 302, we're playing SUPER HUEY for the 7800. Was...
 length: 46:34
Sun, 06 Mar 2022
You may only listen if you have a "Ted Lasso" mustache.
 length: 41:16
Sun, 20 Feb 2022
ATARI BYTES is 300 episodes old! If it were years, we'd be older than America! ATARI BYTES deserves some respect as the country's elder. I'm going to stop paying taxes. We're taking a break from the video games and story-fying to play a good,...
 length: 33:54
Sun, 06 Feb 2022
So, I think I've only had to re-record ATARI BYTES 299, featuring ASSAULT from 1983, once due to technical glitches. But I've seen enough science fiction to know I could be caught in some sort of time loop. This could be my 8,000th recording. Is...
 length: 31:14
Sun, 23 Jan 2022
A Roo with a View...
 length: 39:12
Sun, 09 Jan 2022
In space, no one can hear you communize.
 length: 49:20
Sun, 26 Dec 2021
You're in for a krully good time. Or not.
 length: 02:01:33
Sun, 12 Dec 2021
Don't fear the beast...No, wait. Sorry. Fear the beast...
 length: 48:53
Sun, 28 Nov 2021
 length: 42:30
Sun, 14 Nov 2021
Come join us, you condor-able listener, you.
 length: 41:47
Sun, 31 Oct 2021
I'll tell Jamie Lee you said "hi"!
 length: 52:01
Sun, 17 Oct 2021
I love trash! Exhibit A...this podcast.
 length: 41:28
Sun, 03 Oct 2021
Pass the saltines...and a magazine
 length: 43:31
Sun, 19 Sep 2021
The gods are smiling
 length: 51:17
Sun, 05 Sep 2021
10...9....8...Well, you know the rest...
 length: 50:42
Sun, 22 Aug 2021
Smurf you, smurfin' smurfers!
 length: 56:39
Sun, 08 Aug 2021
Some medal-winning podcast happening here...
 length: 55:08
Sun, 25 Jul 2021
This is some gold medal-worthy podcasting
 length: 50:25
Sun, 11 Jul 2021
With Zaxx on, the blues are off.
 length: 42:43
Sun, 27 Jun 2021
Silent but deadly does not a podcast make...
 length: 01:00:44
Sun, 20 Jun 2021
Should be day OR night. All the best stalkers work 24/7.
 length: 46:01
Sun, 13 Jun 2021
Like a screen door on a submarine...
 length: 45:42
Sun, 06 Jun 2021
It's not Atari, but it is a podcast. So, there's that...
 length: 49:05
Sun, 30 May 2021
Age is just a number, but sometimes that number is the price.
 length: 01:16:15
Sun, 23 May 2021
 length: 56:22
Sun, 16 May 2021
Bite me ...episode
 length: 42:27
Sun, 09 May 2021
That giant sucking sound...
 length: 37:53
Sun, 02 May 2021
It's time to pilot your way through another episode. Sorry...
 length: 50:00
Sun, 25 Apr 2021
It's lasers and gates. Two great tastes that taste great together.
 length: 37:23
Sun, 18 Apr 2021
Once you enter this episode, you'll never get out
 length: 54:34
Sun, 11 Apr 2021
The, game, is the thing.
 length: 36:57
Sun, 04 Apr 2021
Beause Q*Bert's Circles is for chumps.
 length: 35:27
Sun, 28 Mar 2021
Save the runts!
 length: 34:17
Sun, 21 Mar 2021
Solar cells inside. Solo cups optional
 length: 42:54
Sun, 14 Mar 2021
Frosty goodness inside.
 length: 40:12
Sun, 07 Mar 2021
Acidic drool is off-putting, sure. But we all say "I love you" in our own ways.
 length: 33:46
Sun, 28 Feb 2021
Fun Squared
 length: 32:01
Sun, 21 Feb 2021
Erno Rubik never imagined this.
 length: 47:12
Sun, 14 Feb 2021
Back to where it all began...
 length: 40:18
Sun, 07 Feb 2021
No pigs were harmed in the making of this episode.
 length: 42:01
Sun, 31 Jan 2021
Down periscope. Up fun! So sorry....
 length: 44:00
Sun, 24 Jan 2021
We in society put up too many walls between us. Let's the wall!
 length: 38:23
Sun, 17 Jan 2021
Trucks race and jump and...wriggle? I just wish I could get better car radio reception.
 length: 37:25
Sun, 10 Jan 2021
Pass some more of those mushrooms...
 length: 36:48
Sun, 03 Jan 2021
Here, there be dragons...
 length: 42:01
Sun, 27 Dec 2020
Don't let the door hit you on the way out, 2020
 length: 01:13:48
Sun, 20 Dec 2020
Merry Christmas!
 length: 39:49
Sun, 13 Dec 2020
The game as rare as podcasts on the Internet. Or something.
 length: 33:37
Sun, 06 Dec 2020
 length: 35:51
Sun, 29 Nov 2020
The one episode to rule them all..
 length: 50:43
Sun, 22 Nov 2020
Look inside, then go inside.
 length: 55:23
Sun, 15 Nov 2020
Lock up your foodstuffs!
 length: 40:16
Sun, 08 Nov 2020
Check your altitude at the door. I mean, attitude.
 length: 35:05
Sun, 01 Nov 2020
Kibble for everyone!
 length: 42:14
Sun, 25 Oct 2020
Going out with a whimper is easier on the ears. Just sayin'...
 length: 34:33
Sun, 18 Oct 2020
The extra "Z" is for ZIPPY!
 length: 37:15
Sun, 11 Oct 2020
That's all, folks! No! Wait! Keep listening!
 length: 33:20
Sun, 04 Oct 2020
Voted best episode this week by four out of five Merry Men
 length: 38:52
Sun, 27 Sep 2020
Lance a little. Lancelot. Lance with everything you got!
 length: 39:33
Sun, 20 Sep 2020
Demons get a bad rap. Maybe it's all the attacking...
 length: 39:14
Sun, 13 Sep 2020
If Tina Turner was right, this will be a short episode...
 length: 30:07
Sun, 06 Sep 2020
There's the planet. And there are apes on it.
 length: 41:31
Sun, 30 Aug 2020
Is GYRUSS greatuss? Let's find out.
 length: 36:09
Sun, 23 Aug 2020
I had just enough gravitas to pull off this episode. Man...
 length: 39:22
Sun, 16 Aug 2020
One episode + two ears = a TON of fun
 length: 33:27
Sun, 09 Aug 2020
Activision? More like Brrrrr-tivision! Am I right???????
 length: 36:00
Sun, 02 Aug 2020
Look, bottom line: we need to meet half way to get your back end over the front line.
 length: 40:14
Sun, 26 Jul 2020
Check your flies!
 length: 30:23
Sun, 19 Jul 2020
Vroom. Vroom.
 length: 33:08
Sun, 12 Jul 2020
Doublin' down on the dunkin' thing...
 length: 35:19
Sun, 05 Jul 2020
Crack or get off the pot
 length: 38:08
Sun, 28 Jun 2020
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.'re on your own.
 length: 39:05
Sun, 21 Jun 2020
Don't count your money while you're sitting at the table...
 length: 40:53
Sun, 14 Jun 2020
It's a space
 length: 38:20
Sun, 07 Jun 2020
Intellivision Month 2020 swings into action!
 length: 39:21
Sun, 31 May 2020
Movin' right along...cosmiclally
 length: 35:49
Sun, 24 May 2020
Two's combat, three's...more combat.
 length: 38:18
Sun, 17 May 2020
Yes, we know. It's just Pele's Soccer...
 length: 36:45
Sun, 10 May 2020
Get yourself a beam. Then ride it.
 length: 37:08
Sun, 03 May 2020
It's a quest...on the SEA!
 length: 40:04
Sun, 26 Apr 2020
Yes, we know you know it's an "Atari" game, we're keeping the title as is.
 length: 52:00
Sun, 19 Apr 2020
We can't FATHOM why you'd listen to anything else!
 length: 47:41
Sun, 12 Apr 2020
Come ride the roller coaster and eat something deep friend. In that order.
 length: 45:56
Sun, 29 Mar 2020
'roid rage...deluxe
 length: 23:48
Sun, 22 Mar 2020
He sleeps with the fishes!
 length: 27:31
Sun, 15 Mar 2020
It's like "Adventure" only with two "I" after it...
 length: 32:46
Sun, 08 Mar 2020
There's this sword, see? And it's on fire, see? Or something...
 length: 47:38
Sun, 01 Mar 2020
Putt putt putt into the episode we go
 length: 48:48
Sun, 23 Feb 2020
 length: 36:07
Sun, 16 Feb 2020
Do all board games really need to go digital?
 length: 40:02
Sun, 09 Feb 2020
 length: 37:56
Sun, 02 Feb 2020
Jumpman jumps again!
 length: 31:13
Sun, 26 Jan 2020
Punch drunk on the power of podcasting? Nope, just playin' some Fight Night?
 length: 51:15
Sun, 19 Jan 2020
Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the garden...
 length: 38:05
Sun, 12 Jan 2020
Is this fighting bird-centric game a winner or does it lay an egg?
 length: 41:11
Sun, 05 Jan 2020
A-T-A...R and I...Atari! Atari! It's the Atari Mouse Club!
 length: 52:22
Sun, 29 Dec 2019
I love the squish of tomatoes in the morning...
 length: 01:06:35
Sun, 22 Dec 2019
Ho ho holy cow! More show?!?!?
 length: 31:11
Sun, 15 Dec 2019
Stay on target...
 length: 56:23
Sun, 08 Dec 2019
Eight legs, but all heart.
 length: 42:55
Sun, 01 Dec 2019
Lady Luck is a crue mistress...I didn't mean it! Lady Luck, text me!
 length: 37:16
Sun, 24 Nov 2019
I've annoyed you 200 times now!
 length: 41:41
Sun, 17 Nov 2019
This episode is the blueprint for FUN!
 length: 38:51
Sun, 10 Nov 2019
It's like "Championship Soccer". No, really. It is.
 length: 52:15
Sun, 03 Nov 2019
It's kind of like Combat, only...okay, it's exactly like Combat.
 length: 48:55
Sun, 27 Oct 2019
It's not Montezuma's revenge, thank goodness.
 length: 49:35
Sun, 20 Oct 2019
It's like Hershey's candy miniatures, only...not.
 length: 40:21
Sun, 13 Oct 2019
Mock it if you want, but the Beatles never had an Atari game...
 length: 37:36
Sun, 06 Oct 2019
If a game in the forest doesn't exist, does it make a sound?
 length: 31:08
Sun, 29 Sep 2019
First you hunt...then you score. Never forget
 length: 41:39
Sun, 22 Sep 2019
Beware going down a blind alley...listen to this show to be safe.
 length: 30:20
Sun, 15 Sep 2019
Prepare to gorge on GORF!
 length: 38:06
Sun, 08 Sep 2019
You won't want to desert this one as the gaming falcon takes flight! Or something.
 length: 50:59
Sun, 01 Sep 2019
Ladies and gentlemen, start your, wait, Mom says to get those cars off the table.
 length: 43:48
Sun, 25 Aug 2019
We're off to see the wizard! Why is he so mean?
 length: 43:55
Sun, 18 Aug 2019
Flash! Ah AH! Savior of the universe! But what's he done for me lately?
 length: 36:40
Sun, 11 Aug 2019
A wholesome, family game about stringing up a dude
 length: 39:30
Mon, 05 Aug 2019
How many streets must a man race down...
 length: 44:17
Sun, 28 Jul 2019
Shoo, fly! Don't bother me!
 length: 37:24
Sun, 21 Jul 2019
3 - 2 - 1 Pinned this episode! Where's my belt?
 length: 45:09
Sun, 14 Jul 2019
Wanna-wanna-wanna...Is my bow straight?
 length: 34:52
Sun, 07 Jul 2019
This is one episode you'll be TANK-ful for!
 length: 43:42
Sun, 30 Jun 2019
Jungle fever!
 length: 33:00
Sun, 23 Jun 2019
Sometimes you can lock. Sometimes you can chase. This episode lets you do BOTH!
 length: 56:38
Sun, 16 Jun 2019
Put it all on red! No! Black! No! Odd! No! Even! This is very stressful...
 length: 48:30
Sun, 09 Jun 2019
She'll be ridin' six white horses when she comes! Time to nail the exacta!
 length: 01:04:51
Sun, 02 Jun 2019
It's Space Invaders! Only...not.
 length: 38:17
Sun, 26 May 2019
Open wide. Wider. WIDER. Ahhhh! Doesn't that hurt?
 length: 45:24
Sun, 19 May 2019
Dive! Dive! Up periscope! Ping the sonar and what not!
 length: 41:50
Sun, 12 May 2019
Creepy Crawlies! In Space!
 length: 34:26
Sun, 05 May 2019
The 4th Dimension is a cruel mistress
 length: 47:43
Sun, 28 Apr 2019
 length: 30:58
Sun, 21 Apr 2019
Our second trip to the biggest gaming convention in the Midwest is over! We're really, really tired.
 length: 36:42
Sun, 14 Apr 2019
Con-GO! Bon-GO! ...I got nothin' else...
 length: 36:10
Sun, 07 Apr 2019
"Milli" like in "million". "Pede" like in "He pede his pants with joy at this game."
 length: 39:38
Sun, 31 Mar 2019
From the "Let's just name this game and hit the bar" family of game titles
 length: 37:12
Sun, 24 Mar 2019
It's a cavern! It's dark! 'nuff said...
 length: 49:41
Sun, 17 Mar 2019
Gag on all the sweetness!
 length: 47:44
Sun, 10 Mar 2019
Look out, Peter Cottontail! There's something bigger hippety-hoppin' down the trail!
 length: 38:12
Sun, 03 Mar 2019
Vroom! Vroom! Burn dust and eat my rubber!
 length: 40:07
Sun, 24 Feb 2019
Xenopobes? Nope. I see lots o' phobes!
 length: 53:45
Sun, 17 Feb 2019
Crack the code that lets you break through this game.
 length: 37:32
Sun, 10 Feb 2019
Comb the catacombs of your mind and entomb your earholes in episodic goodness
 length: 42:34
Sun, 03 Feb 2019
Order up! Double cheese on a raft and...uh, eat it?
 length: 50:44
Sun, 27 Jan 2019
Vroom! Vroom!
 length: 37:57
Sun, 20 Jan 2019
Put on your poker face. No bluff, this is a great episode.
 length: 41:26
Sun, 13 Jan 2019
Keep this episode in the paint. Don't step on the foul line. Or something.
 length: 46:51
Sun, 06 Jan 2019
Those cannonballs...they're people! Ahhhh!
 length: 27:04
Sun, 30 Dec 2018
You thought we were done with Megaforce in ep. 129? You thought wrong, friend.
 length: 01:14:06
Sun, 23 Dec 2018
Can you feel it? The Atari Bytes elves are watching you. They know what you did...
 length: 26:14
Sun, 16 Dec 2018
This race doesn't stop for anything, except if you need a snack
 length: 28:41
Sun, 09 Dec 2018
This week's karate-themed story is a roundhouse kick to your solar plexis of fun
 length: 32:53
Sun, 02 Dec 2018
It's a game about thieving gophers. Should you listen? Go-pher it!
 length: 31:34
Sun, 25 Nov 2018
Thanksgiving is over! Ditch the relatives and listen to this episode!
 length: 40:07
Sun, 18 Nov 2018
Swing out of the way, Hang Man! A true classic is here!
 length: 38:02
Sun, 11 Nov 2018
Riddle me this...Never mind. I got nothin'.
 length: 44:30
Sun, 04 Nov 2018
The hills are alive with the sound of music. But the mountains? They can't even play the harmonica.
 length: 40:14
Sun, 28 Oct 2018
Boo. Give me all your Halloween candy! Black licorice need not apply.
 length: 46:32
Sun, 21 Oct 2018
Join us for an ASTRO-nomical episode!
 length: 32:55
Sun, 14 Oct 2018
Sure, you can master the stars. But can you master your domain?
 length: 31:44
Sun, 07 Oct 2018
Cut the cards, place your bets and hide your aces. It's time to play a little blackjack
 length: 44:42
Sun, 30 Sep 2018
Serving up some podcasting goodness. Not just Love 40. Love everybody!
 length: 38:11
Sun, 23 Sep 2018
Checkmate, suckers!
 length: 36:52
Sun, 16 Sep 2018
Another week, another egg-citing game!
 length: 34:36
Sun, 09 Sep 2018
Galaxian's showier little brother. I was one too. Take that, big brothers!
 length: 35:06
Sun, 02 Sep 2018
Sharknado has nothing on this episode. We don't need a shark week for this SHARK ATTACK!
 length: 35:03
Sun, 26 Aug 2018
Much like the lock, my heart is also warped. My wife loves me anyway.
 length: 37:07
Sun, 19 Aug 2018
Five hundred years in the future...and coffee costs $3,000 per cup.
 length: 39:32
Sun, 12 Aug 2018
I've known a few creeps in my time. But none were as cosmic as these creeps!
 length: 30:36
Sun, 05 Aug 2018
Inch worm, inch worm...playing another Atari game...even though we have no eyes or hands
 length: 28:27
Sun, 29 Jul 2018
The mountain does strange things to a, so many things...
 length: 36:11
Sun, 22 Jul 2018
This episode slithers in on little cat feet. How cool would a snake with cat feet be!?!?
 length: 27:00
Sun, 15 Jul 2018
Welcome to 20th Century Atari Stuff! How do you like your force? Mini or MEGA!
 length: 46:39
Sun, 08 Jul 2018
This little pooyan went to market. This little pooyan stayed home...and recorded a podcast alone in his sty.
 length: 34:59
Sun, 01 Jul 2018
Summer poultry road trip! Got my cup of coffee and my chicken feed. Let's hit the road and mow down some barnyard feathered rodents!
 length: 36:53
Sun, 24 Jun 2018
Feel like your life is an endless 7-10 split? Take a load off your pins with this episode. It's Bowling! Everyone loves bowling!
 length: 36:44
Sun, 17 Jun 2018
Baseball! The swing of the bat! The roar of the crowd! The game induced carpal tunnel and eye strain. America's past-time, baby!
 length: 34:55
Sun, 10 Jun 2018
Intellivision Month continues with not so much smashing as blasting through the astro-plane
 length: 37:00
Sun, 03 Jun 2018
With sesame seeds or without...this is still the tastiest podcast ever to splat against the podcasting diner wall. Or something.
 length: 38:56
Sun, 27 May 2018
Break out the fine China...on which to enjoy a fine meal before the nuclear reactor explodes. Pass the gravy!
 length: 48:32
Sun, 20 May 2018
It's a cavern. Of course there's space in it. What else would it be? Butterscotch pudding?
 length: 34:54
Sun, 13 May 2018
Here's a gift you probably don't want and cost us nothing! Happy Mother's Day!
 length: 43:54
Sun, 06 May 2018
Sorcerers get a raw deal. They didn't call it "Sorcerer of Oz" did they?
 length: 51:58
Sun, 29 Apr 2018
What should you wear to meet a gorilla on red carpet? Doesn't matter. The gorilla already crushed you.
 length: 01:12:00
Sun, 22 Apr 2018
Drove all over Milwaukee last week. Didn't see Laverne OR Shirley. What the hey?
 length: 01:09:14
Sun, 15 Apr 2018
The mutant rampage in this game is NOTHING compared to King Kong's rampage over not being invited.
 length: 28:51
Sun, 08 Apr 2018
There are indeed lasers...but is this game a blast?
 length: 53:05
Sun, 01 Apr 2018
If we learned anything from Jacques Cousteau, it's that sea monsters are formidible foes
 length: 35:43
Sun, 25 Mar 2018
I've never been a pinball wizard. I was once a pinball wizzer, but I'm not allowed back at that arcade anymore...
 length: 39:20
Sun, 18 Mar 2018
Is a fishing derby a wet hat? We think it could be a wet hat...
 length: 29:52
Sun, 11 Mar 2018
THIS encounter is WAY closer and of a kind distinct from the THIRD kind.
 length: 37:42
Sun, 04 Mar 2018
We've gone QUACKers this week on the podcast! You better DUCK out of our way!
 length: 37:03
Sun, 25 Feb 2018
Toss back a cup of raw eggs, punch a side of beef and get ready for some fisticuffs!
 length: 28:21
Sun, 18 Feb 2018
Our Olympic salute an alternate reality where bowling is an Olympic sport
 length: 53:52
Sun, 11 Feb 2018
Step on the podium and collect the gold! The golden podcast episode, that is! Hey, where you goin'?
 length: 36:10
Sun, 04 Feb 2018
This week, we're goin' commando! Feel free to avert your eyes...
 length: 32:14
Sun, 28 Jan 2018
There are stars. There's a voyage. It's a star voyage. That makes you a star voyager. You're welcome.
 length: 37:50
Sun, 21 Jan 2018
Remember kids, even if you're from outer space, phoning home with a mouth full of Reese's Pieces is just plain rude.
 length: 49:05
Sun, 14 Jan 2018
Maze Craze is the game. Is it lame? No more time for rhymes. Even if they're sublime.
 length: 42:14
Sun, 07 Jan 2018
Vanguard gave us the "continue" feature, but what gives us the heart to go on...?
 length: 37:03
Sun, 31 Dec 2017
The tap(per) is open! Drink a (root beer) toast to the year gone by. Don't let the door hit you in the keester, 2017!
 length: 46:46
Sun, 24 Dec 2017
Christmas time is here by golly! Plus the 100th edition of this podcast folly!
 length: 41:01
Sun, 17 Dec 2017
This game is what happens when Homer is left in charge of Springfield's nuclear power plant.
 length: 48:29
Sun, 10 Dec 2017
Let it go, Empire. The rebellion has moved on. Don't embarrass yourself, Empire.
 length: 26:57
Sun, 03 Dec 2017
The age-old cat and mouse game of cat and mouse. And cheese. And demon rodents that morph into canines. Same old story.
 length: 37:50
Sun, 26 Nov 2017
Kaboom...for when KABLOOEY! just doesn't say it well enough.
 length: 41:27
Sun, 19 Nov 2017
Challenge extended...turkey and cranberry accepted! Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!
 length: 37:59
Sun, 12 Nov 2017
Is this game a metaphor for the squeeze of the walls of life closing in? U.S. Games is my oatmeal guru.
 length: 32:53
Sun, 05 Nov 2017
Order up! Sling your hash. Chug your cola. Wolf down your burgers. We serve up a gastronomical game gut-buster.
 length: 33:48
Sun, 29 Oct 2017
Or is it Franken-STIEN's Monster? You say potato, I say reanimated creature assembled from cast-off body parts
 length: 48:53
Sun, 22 Oct 2017
It's space. And you're a jockey. Sort of. No horses though. Super simple and super complex all in one.
 length: 34:09
Sun, 15 Oct 2017
If you wave a checkered flag, what are the odds of attracting a checkered bull?
 length: 34:10
Sun, 08 Oct 2017
If you want to cause any trouble in my neighborhood, think again. I am...the PLANET PATROL
 length: 31:34
Sun, 01 Oct 2017
With special guest Mack Sennett! We wish. Miss you, Mack...
 length: 36:11
Sun, 24 Sep 2017
In space, no one can hear you OINK (whch is a different game altogether, but the point still holds)
 length: 34:51
Sun, 17 Sep 2017
Gird your loins befoe you're steamrolled on the grid iron in this non-soccer-type football outing.
 length: 36:40
Sun, 10 Sep 2017
Rack 'em, boys! But don't scratch trying to sink the eight ball! (It might be infected!)
 length: 41:53
Sun, 03 Sep 2017
"Solar" means "Sun". "Is" means..."is". Profound, indeed.
 length: 42:51
Sun, 27 Aug 2017
Knights jousting on the backs of buzzard/ostrich creatures? Surely it's a King Arthur Camelot fever dream.
 length: 36:17
Sun, 20 Aug 2017
Like the Phoenix, another episode rises from the ashes and takes flight. Will it soar to gaming heights or crash and burn?
 length: 40:01
Sun, 13 Aug 2017
The present, Dig, meets the past, Dug. We can't wait for the future - digs yet to be!
 length: 30:53
Sun, 06 Aug 2017
With its expansion into the comics universe, Atari is redrawing the gaming boundaries. We've got one of the artists on the podcast!
 length: 37:48
Sun, 30 Jul 2017
Does an 8-bit bear poop in the Atari woods?
 length: 38:32
Sun, 23 Jul 2017
No, Battlezone is not a war and mayhem supply store. Or is it?
 length: 30:43
Sun, 16 Jul 2017
The Pac-Millennial Steps Up to Fill the Old (Pac) Man's Pellet-Filled Shoes
 length: 24:06
Sun, 09 Jul 2017
Spider-Man! Spider-Man! Does whatever a spider can...but if you squish him with your shoe, it's way more gross
 length: 35:34
Sun, 02 Jul 2017
Off we go, into the wild blue yonder...Hey! We thought the Thompson Tourney was a foot race...
 length: 34:49
Sun, 25 Jun 2017
Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam...and good schools, proximity to the shopping district, low crime...
 length: 34:06
Sun, 18 Jun 2017
Who doesn't love a good sequel? River Raid II is indeed a sequel...but is it a good one?
 length: 38:02
Sun, 11 Jun 2017
Chop! And Lift! And kick! Thrust that pelvis! Ow....
 length: 27:59
Sun, 04 Jun 2017
Tanks and bi-planes and jets. Oh my! No need to be combative. Just roll with it, baby.
 length: 37:09
Sun, 28 May 2017
Because "Star Wars" was already taken.
 length: 48:36
Sun, 21 May 2017
Ths episode is the BOMB! Took an hour to come up with that clever subtitle...
 length: 27:54
Sun, 14 May 2017
If insted of "Super", they called this one "Spiffy Breakout", would it be as fun?
 length: 30:02
Sun, 07 May 2017
We're on a quest. A SWORD quest. The Sword of Ultimate Atari Podcasting Sorcery
 length: 01:10:26
Sun, 23 Apr 2017
This episode is all about bricks! The kind you build, thanks to our Lego correspondent. And the kind you smash, thanks to Atari
 length: 45:34
Sun, 16 Apr 2017
We did our first Atari Bytes interview! It went well. We're pretty sure he's not going to sue.
 length: 50:45
Sun, 09 Apr 2017
Sixteen bytes on a dead console's chest! To Davey Jones' game locker with you!
 length: 28:50
Sun, 02 Apr 2017
Spring training time! Grab your glove, your joystick and your athletic supporter and hit the field.
 length: 34:00
Sun, 26 Mar 2017
Robots to the left of me. Robots to the right. Basically, just a whole lotta robots. Not that we're complaining.
 length: 32:40
Sun, 19 Mar 2017
You guessed it: it's a game about wizards in a unicorn park. How'd you know?
 length: 27:35
Sun, 12 Mar 2017
Because there's nothing ten-year-olds love more than video games that make them think stuff.
 length: 33:21
Sun, 05 Mar 2017
It's night outside (and inside we presume) and you're driving. Pretty self-explanatory.
 length: 27:52
Sun, 26 Feb 2017
The game so good, we can't even wait to add the "en" to the name before we play.
 length: 38:46
Sun, 19 Feb 2017
We defy you to find a single star or a single fox in this game. Go ahead and look again. We'll wait.
 length: 29:45
Sun, 12 Feb 2017
Keep those blades whirling for a COMMANDing advantage in this (moderately) high flying adventure
 length: 27:23
Sun, 05 Feb 2017
Feel like hiding these days? Atari is there for you.
 length: 46:26
Sun, 29 Jan 2017
Billy and Jimmy Lee engage in neighborhood outreach, mostly by punching people.
 length: 34:27
Sun, 22 Jan 2017
This week, we hit the slopes and find out they hit back. Ow.
 length: 31:15
Sun, 15 Jan 2017
Beep beep! This week's game is about a sociopathic bird slowly driving his obsessive pursuer insane
 length: 39:00
Sun, 08 Jan 2017
It's a new year! Embrace the adventure! Or, if that's too scary, just play this game and listen to this show.
 length: 37:38
Sun, 01 Jan 2017
In which we learn that calling your laser missile base "Laser Missile Base" isn't the best way to avoid attack
 length: 33:16
Sun, 25 Dec 2016
What yuletide retro goodness will Santa lay on us? It's a Chrismystery!
 length: 38:30
Sun, 18 Dec 2016
In this arena, may the force be with you. If not, may you at least get a cut of the concessions.
 length: 36:19
Sun, 11 Dec 2016
We pull the rip cord on a high-flying and from great heights-falling sky diving adventure
 length: 19:59
Sun, 04 Dec 2016
This week, we look at the only game anyone other than you can name
 length: 29:33
Sun, 27 Nov 2016
Burn, baby, burn! We take a break this week from shooting things so we can burn them up instead.
 length: 23:55
Sun, 20 Nov 2016
Yes, we know we promised Codebreaker. Just insert "Codebreaker" whenever you hear "Air Sea Battle"
 length: 23:59
Sun, 13 Nov 2016
Grab your whip (you know you have one) and jump into adventure! That ark isn't going to find itself!
 length: 42:18
Sun, 06 Nov 2016
Because mere mania won't cut it. If you aren't a MEGA-maniac, stop wasting our time.
 length: 37:58
Sun, 30 Oct 2016
No trick! This is a spooky adventures that will Atari-fy you!
 length: 46:06
Sun, 23 Oct 2016
Well, suicide might be painless, but is this a game you can take or leave, if you please?
 length: 36:12
Sun, 16 Oct 2016
Let's go, Joe! Cobra is slithering it's way into our hearts as only a lovable, forty-foot snake with laser eyes and poison venom can.
 length: 24:40
Sun, 09 Oct 2016
The barrel, much like the proverbial apple, doesn't fall far from Mario's tree as Donkey Kong Jr. fights to save Papa Kong!
 length: 24:50
Sun, 02 Oct 2016
Mario, Mayhem and Monkeys (which are actually gorillas, but that doesn't start with "M") Oh My!
 length: 31:31
Sun, 25 Sep 2016
Earth gets schooled about what happens when you provoke aliens who are tougher than you
 length: 35:44
Sun, 18 Sep 2016
I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow this game down
 length: 28:24
Sun, 11 Sep 2016
Hut 1! Hut 2! Hut 3! Hike!...this episode into your ol' earholes.
 length: 31:20
Sun, 04 Sep 2016
First it was a board game, then it was an Atari game.'s our turn to corrupt this fine property
 length: 40:28
Sun, 28 Aug 2016
Is this jungle adventuring sequel be another Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?
 length: 33:06
Sun, 21 Aug 2016
The classic arcade game of amphibious adventure leaps onto the TV screen
 length: 38:11
Sun, 14 Aug 2016
Well, blow me down! But, if you do, I'll record it on my phone and sue you.
 length: 32:50
Sun, 07 Aug 2016
This week, we look at that jungle adventure game that isn't Pitfall
 length: 26:56
Sun, 31 Jul 2016
Going Above and Beyond by Going Under the Sea to Save Atlantis From the Loch Ness Big Footed Bermuda Triangle Monster. Or something.
 length: 28:04
Sun, 24 Jul 2016
With the new Trek universe film Star Trek: Beyond upon us, we hop aboard the Enterprise to fight Klingons from the old Trek Universe
 length: 32:57
Sun, 17 Jul 2016
Who you gonna call? Dave & Busters! Um, we mean, GHOSTBUSTERS!
 length: 40:09
Sun, 10 Jul 2016
This Classic Game Finds Atari Buns on the Run as Homicidal Hot Dogs and Eggs Give Chef Pepper Heartburn
 length: 36:35
Sun, 03 Jul 2016
Blast the meteors! Save the alien creatures! Be awesome! If the ark is a-rockin, don't bother knockin'...
 length: 34:55
Sun, 26 Jun 2016
This classic Atari game has no characters, no setting, no plot. Perfect for a story-based, classic gaming podcast
 length: 27:15
Sun, 19 Jun 2016
Trust Kool-Aid to bring the summer fun. And also evil, thieving creatures from underworld. Drink up!
 length: 28:48
Sun, 12 Jun 2016
It's the end of the world as we know it because it's up to you to defend the last six cities on the planet from an alien air attack. So long, planet!
 length: 28:53
Sun, 05 Jun 2016
There's a fire! And we fight it! Throw in a human in peril, trucks and giant hoses and you've got yourself a party.
 length: 27:58
Sun, 29 May 2016
Hostile Robots in Charge and Electrified Fences. Is this game a space adventure or an Orwell Novel?
 length: 39:34
Sun, 22 May 2016
Nothing Pit-i-fall about this high-swinging, alligator jumping, jungle adventure game from Activision!
 length: 32:40
Sun, 15 May 2016
Atari Took Off in 1983 With the WWI Flying Ace. But Does the Peanuts Gang Need the Airsick Bags?
 length: 26:43
Sun, 08 May 2016
A Bad Parenting Lesson from a (Sort of) Good King
 length: 26:21
Sun, 01 May 2016
Activision goes down on the farm and up in the air all at once in this plane-flyign adventure
 length: 31:17
Sun, 24 Apr 2016
Gorillas who paint, walking paint rollers, manic pigs, and WILD warriors that look like boogers...No, we're not kidding
 length: 27:36
Sun, 17 Apr 2016
Space Cubicle Hell: You Versus Tanks, (Not) Tie-Fighters, UFO's and (Not) Andes Candies.
 length: 22:03
Sat, 16 Apr 2016
A podcast like Atari Bytes is a lot of fun to make and, I hope, a lot of fun to listen to. However, that fun comes with a sizeable commitment of time and resources. The host services, storage and games are not free. And as the show grows and we try...
Sun, 10 Apr 2016
That's for Auto Racing, Not Telephone Poles. Shocked Us Too.
 length: 22:55
Sun, 03 Apr 2016
It's Like the Atari Version of Farmville, But With Scorpions and Centipedes Rather Than Sheep and Cows
 length: 29:08
Sat, 02 Apr 2016
When we talk about the story within the games on ATARI BYTES, we approach it as if we are analyzing a piece of literature. Every story basically has five points: Introduction, where the setup happens; the rising action (building up to...
Sun, 27 Mar 2016
In Space, No One Can Hear Your Roid Rage
 length: 30:22
Sun, 20 Mar 2016
The Atari Bytes Tribute to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice
 length: 22:15
Sun, 13 Mar 2016
Like Pac-Man...Only Better. The Retro Arcade Experience in Your Own Home
 length: 21:41
Sun, 06 Mar 2016 some pellets and ghosts? Me too!
 length: 20:14
Sun, 28 Feb 2016
Oh, the In-Clown-manity! Clowns perish in the name of Big Top entertainment.
 length: 13:38
Sun, 21 Feb 2016
The Atari Carnival is in town. Cotton candy. Ferris wheels. Demons.
 length: 14:13
Sun, 14 Feb 2016
Atari's River of No Return is riddled with jets, helicopters, boats... And EXPLOSIONS!.
 length: 15:02
Sun, 07 Feb 2016
How the West Was Won...Ten Points at a Time
 length: 15:45
Sun, 31 Jan 2016
Taking a byte out of the story within a classic Atari video game
 length: 15:02
Sun, 24 Jan 2016
Here it is! Episode 1! We're a real show now! The 1981 Atari game Yar's Revenge is our focus.  Who is Yar? Why does Yar want revenge? Against whom? Does Yar succeed? All this and more in this episode. Music: Thanks to Kevin McLeod at...
 length: 20:31
Tue, 19 Jan 2016
The Atari Age website has a ton of great Atari news and history, including all the Atari Force and Swordquest comics. Here's the link:   Music on the show courtesy of a creative commons license by Attribution 3.0 from Kevin McLeod at...
Mon, 18 Jan 2016
Unearthing the Story Within the Games
 length: 10:02