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Acorn Electron

The Acorn Electron computer was a budget version of the BBC Micro educational computer introduced by Acorn in 1983. The Electron had 32KByte of RAM, and used BBC Basic v2 as it's operating system. The computer could load and save programs on a standard tape recorder and had basic graphics.

  • 160x256 in 4/16 colors
  • 320x256 in 2/4 colors
  • 640x256 in 2 colors

The Electron was based on the Syndertek SY6502A CPU at 2MHz, but it reduced the clock to 1MHz when RAM access occured.

Review of the Acorn Electron

The Electron got favorable reviews in the press, especially about the physical design of the case, which was acording to many, a big step up from the BBC Micro that this computer was derived from. One reviewer noted, "The Electron is beautifully designed and built — quite a shock compared to the BBC. Its designer case will look great on the coffee table."

The keyboard was also considered better than most of it's competitors at the time, comparable to the commodore VIC-20 The machine featured rapic BASIC keyword entry using a combination of the FUNC key with the starting letter of those keywords to quickly type out listings, preventing many typo's.

By Acorn CPU Synertek SY6502A @1MHz Memory 32K RAM, 32K ROM Sound 1 channel, 7 octaves Sprites none Display 160x256, 16 colors,320x256, 4 colors,640x256, 2 colors Display Chip none Sound Chip none CPU Class 6502 Developed by Acorn
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