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The Action Max Console

Most video game consoles use either cartridges, or later optical disks like CD's DVDs and Blu-ray. The Action Max was a true odd-ball in this world. It was the only game system to run off of videotapes. To make things worse: You had to get yourself a seperate VCR to use this console.

The system used a small red sensor, that needed to be attached to the corner of the TV screen, which provided a reference point for the light gun that game with it.

The problem was of course that, since nothing was output to the screen, other than a pre-recorded videotape, no score was displayed and the player had no idea of a game-over until the tape reached the end. The games for this system all played in a similar fashion and after only five released the demand for the Action Max plummeted quickly.

By Pioneer CPU Intel 8048 @5.91MHz Memory 192Bytes CPU-RAM, 6K RAM, 1K ROM Sound 1 Channel, 8 sounds Sprites 4 8x8 single color user def sprites; 12 8x8 ROM sprites; 4 quad characters Display 320x238 16 colors, 160x200 16 colors Display Chip Intel 8244 (PAL)/8245(NTSC) and EF9340 / EF9341 for new Video Modes Sound Chip Intel 8244 (PAL)/8245(NTSC) CPU Class Z80 Developed by Pioneer
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