Amstrad Schneider -  PCW 8256/8512

Amstrad PCW8256 / 8512

The Amstrad PCW8256 and the PCW8512 were part of a line of personal computers produced by Amstrad from 1985 to 1998. They were sold in Germany under the brand name Joyce.

The PC8256 was launched in 1985. It came with 256KByte of RAM and wa equipped with a single floppy disk drive. Only a few months later the PCW8512 was launched with 512KByte of RAM and two floppy disk drives.

Both systems came in a package that consited of a printer, a keyboard and the computer/monitor. The monitor and computer came in a single case. The keyboard had 82 keys, with some keys specifically designed for word processing. The PC8256 machine could be expanded to 512KByte RAM and an extra floppy drive could be mounted so it could be made compatible with the PCW8512.

The Operating system for the PCW8256 and the PCW8512 was CP/M, and the system came with the word processing application Locoscript.

PCW stood for Personal Computer Word-processor, which was the main purpose of these machines. The main focus of the marketing campaigns was the price which caused many people to use the PCW for word processing over more game oriented machines such as the spectrum and the earlier Amstrads.

By Amstrad CPU Zilog Z80A @3.58MHz Memory 256K RAM Sound Beeper Sprites none Display 90x32 text, 720x256 graphics with Roller RAM for fast scrolling Display Chip none Sound Chip none CPU Class Z80 Developed by Amstrad
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