Amstrad Schneider -  PCW 10/16

Amstrad PCW10 / 16

The PCW10 was basically a Amstrad PCW9256 with 512KByte of RAM, Locoscript 1.5 instead of Locoscript 1. It was not a success due to the fact that it still ran on the slow Z80 architecture, compared to the 16-bit 8086 architecture of competing MS-DOS systems.

In 1995 Amstrad released the PCW16. Despite having the same PCW branding, the system was not compatible with any of the previous PCW systems. The PCW16 came with a new GUI operating system called Rosanne. It was not capable of multi-tasking, so only one application could be run at a time. If a user started a new application, the running application would save it's files and close. The Word Processor that came with the PCW16 was created by Creative Technoloty and for backwards compatibily could read the older Locoscript files, but saved them in its own format. The sofware bundle also included a spreadsheet, address book, diary, calculator, and a file manager. No third party software was produced for this system.

The PCW16 was capable of a more standard 640x480 pixels in VGA mode. It came with a 1.4MByte High Density floppy disk drive and had 1 1MByte Flash memory to store programs and user files. The PCW16 still used the older Z80 CPU, but at higher speed than it's predecessors.

Rosanne GUI

By Amstrad CPU Zilog Z80A @16MHz Memory 1M RAM, 1M FLASH RAM Sound 1 channel Sprites none Display 640x480 mono Display Chip none Sound Chip none CPU Class Z80 Developed by Amstrad
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