Amstrad Schneider -  PCW 9256/9512

Amstrad PCW9256 / 9512

The PCW9512 was launched in 1987 as a replacement for the Amstrad PCW8512. The configuration of the package was changed. The dod-matrix printer was swapped for a daisy-wheel printer, which produced better quality letter documents, but of course did not support graphics. The system however came equipped with a centronix parallel port, that allowed non Amstrad printers to be connected. The PCW9512 came with version 2 of the Locoscript Word Processor, which inluded a spellcheck module and mail merge capabilities. The CRT screen was replaced as well, the green-screen was swapped for a white-on-black type. Besides these changes, the PCW9512 remained functionally similar to the PCW8512.

In 1991 the PCW9512 was replaced by the PCW9256 and the PCW512+. Both of these machines had a standard 3.5" 720KByte double density and double sided disk drive. The machines came with multiple printer options, the standard Amstrad daisy wheel printer, but also a canon inkjet printer for much better quality documents. The PCW9256 was a bit of a reversal, it came with the older dot matrix printer, only 256KByte of RAM and the older Locoscript V1 word processor, making it not much different than the older PCW8256.

By Amstrad CPU Zilog Z80A @3.58MHz Memory 512K RAM Sound Beeper Sprites none Display 90x32 Text, 720x256 graphics with Roller RAM for fast scrolling. Display Chip none Sound Chip none CPU Class Z80 Developed by Amstrad
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