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The AppleIIGS is the fifth and most powerful model of the Apple II family. It is a 16 bit computer using the 16-bit 65C816 Microprocessor. This processor gives direct access to megabytes of RAM, and the mouse. This enabled Apple to equip the computer with a color graphical user interface, and an Apple Desktop Bus interface that was used for Mouse, keyboard and other input devices.

The sound capabilities were also greatly improved using a wavetable synthesis chip from Ensoniq

The Apple IIGS came standard with 256KByte of memory, and was expandable to 8MByte. The computer supported a 12-bit palette in 320x200 or 640x200.

By Apple CPU WDC 65C816 @2.8MHz Memory 1M RAM, 8M Max, 256K ROM Sound 8-bit audio (64K sound RAM), 32 channels (8 independent stereo) Sprites none Display 320x200 in 3200/4096 colors, 620x200 in 800/4096 colors, APPLEII emulated Video Display Chip none Sound Chip Ensoniq 5503 digital oscillator CPU Class 6502 Developed by Apple
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