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The Apple II Plus, released in 1979, is the second in the line of the Apple II series of computers. It's price at launch was $1195.

The II Plus was based on the 6502 CPU, the same CPU used in the atari 8-bit and some of the commodore 8-bit computers. The II Plus was shipped with up to 48KByte of RAM.

A special Language Card was used to bank-switch out the built-in ROM giving the computer the ability to use alternative programming languages like Apple Pascal, Fortran 77 and others. Without the language card the machine used Applesoft BASIC. The II Plus was shipped with a language-card that just contained RAM to increase the RAM capacity to 64KByte.

Shoftly after launch, Microsoft produced a Z-80 based soft-card for the Apple II computers, that allowed the machines to run CP/M. The card had circuitry to adapt the Apple Bus to be used by the on-card Z80 CPU.

By Apple CPU MOS 6502 @1.023MHz Memory 16K RAM, 64K Max Sound 1-bit speaker Sprites none Display 40x48 in 16 colors, 280x192 in 6 colors Display Chip none Sound Chip none CPU Class 6502 Developed by Apple
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