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Apple III

The Apple III was released by Apple Compute in 1980 as a business computer. It was the successor to the Apple II but failed to deliver. It featured a full 80-column display, a full-stroke keyboard with upper and lower case, ran on a Synertek 6502B processor at 1.8MHz and had 128KByte of RAM on board, upgradeable to 512KByte.

Because the Apple III failed to sell in large numbers, Apple reconsidered the plans to retire the Apple II, and instead took some of the features of the Apple III and incorporated them into later models of the Apple II

By Apple CPU Synertek 6502A @2MHz Memory 128K RAM, 512K Max Sound 1-bit speaker Sprites none Display 80x48 16 colors, 560x192 16 colors Display Chip none Sound Chip none CPU Class 6502 Developed by Apple
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