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The Apple III Plus was a result of the discontinuation of the Apple III. The Apple III was in violation of FCC regulations, and the FCCC demanded the company change the name of the redesigned computer, to avoid any confusion.

The Apple III Plus has a built-in clock, video interlacing, standardized connections, 256KByte RAM and a redesigned keyboard that was more like the Apple IIe. Owners of the Apple III could purchase individual III+ upgrades such as the clock, and get a service replacement of hte new logic board. Apple also provided a keyboard upgrade kit, which had to be installed by an authorized technician.

By Apple CPU Synertek 6502A @2MHz Memory 256K RAM, 1M Max Sound 1-bit speaker Sprites none Display 80x48 16 colors, 560x192 16 colors Display Chip none Sound Chip none CPU Class 6502 Developed by Apple
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