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Macintosh 512Ke

The Macintosh 512Ke was introduced in 1986 as a cheaper alternative to the Apple Macintosh Plus that came out three months earlier. The 512Ke is the same machine as the Apple Macintosh 512K but now equipped with an 800KByte disk drive and 128KByte of ROM. The 512Ke has the same port connectors as the original Mac, and as a result the only hard drive option is the slow Hard Disk 20, that connects to the external floppy-port on the back of the machine, even though the ROM contains the SCSI manager software that was part of the Macintosh Plus design.

The machine has the ability to upgrade the memory to 2MByte with the purchase of third party mameory upgrades. The Macintosh 512K could be upgraded to a 512Ke by purchasing the Macintosh Plus Disk Drive Kit This kit came with an installation guide and the following hardware and software:

  • The 800KByte double sided FDD
  • 128K ROM chips to replace the 512K's 64K ROM
  • Macintosh Plus system Tools disk

MacSnap RAM upgrade for the 512Ke

MacSnap was a series of memory upgrades from Dove Computer for various compact Macs. Upgrading these Macs required quite a bit of skill. It required one to remove the motherboard and then snap the MacSnap upgrade onto the motherboard ICs. The board literally just used piggyback adapter clips to snap onto the ICs.

By Apple CPU Motorola 68000 @7.8336MHz Memory 512K RAM Sound 8-bit Pulse-width modulation Sprites none Display 512x342 Mono Display Chip none Sound Chip TTL Logic for PWM CPU Class 68000 Developed by Apple
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