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Macintosh IIcx

The Macintosh IIcx has, since it is an x, the 68030 CPU and the 68882 FPU on board. The L1 cache is now 512 Bytes, and the computer has 3 NuBus expansion slots. The machine was introduced in 1989 and discontinued in 1992. It came with 1 or 2MByte of RAM, expandable to 128MByte. Unique to the case was that components and parts such as RAM and NuBus expansion cards could snap into place without the need for screws.

The c in the name stood for Compact but this formfactor caused some problems fitting 5.25" floppy or full height hard drives.

By Apple CPU Motorola 68030 @16MHz Memory 1M RAM, 128M Max Sound 8-bit Pulse-width modulation Sprites none Display 640x480 4-bit color, 512x384 8-bit color. Display Chip none Sound Chip TTL Logic for PWM CPU Class 68000 Developed by Apple
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