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The Macintosh XL, or: A LISA Mac...

The Macintosh XL is really a modified version of the Apple Lisa computer. The change to this computer was that the computer ships with a Lisa program called MacWorks XL that allows for the emulation of the 64K Macintish ROM, thus enabling the computer to run Macintosh software. The machine is identical to an earlier Lisa 2/10 computer that did not have this software, but only came with the Lisa Operating System.

The Macintosh XL has the standard 400KByte 3.5" floppy drive, the 68000 CPU, 512KByte RAM and an internal 10MByte hard drive. However, unlike the other Macintosh computers, the Macintosh XL uses rectangular pixels for display, due to it's Apple Lisa origin. There was a Macintosh XL Screen kit upgrade available that changed the resulution to more square pixels using a 608x432 resolution instead of the original XL's resolution of 720x364 pixels. RAM could be upgraded to 2MByte using conventional add-in RAM modules.

By Apple CPU Motorola 68000 @7.8336MHz Memory 512K RAM, 2M Max Sound 8-bit Pulse-width modulation Sprites none Display 512x342 Mono Display Chip none Sound Chip TTL Logic for PWM CPU Class 68000 Developed by Apple
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