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Macintosh Classic

The Macintosh classic was introduced in 1990. It was a result of the success of the original Macintosh computer and it's successors. The specifications are very similar to it's predecessors: 512x342 monochrome screen, 4Mbyte RAM and the trustworthy 68000 running at 8MHz.

Apple produced this machine with a price tag of under $1000. It was not an update from the older Macintosh and met with some criticism from reviewers due to its lach of color graphics and older hardware.

The machine did implement some minor enhancements. A 1.44MByte floppy was standard, and the higher end model came with a 40MByte hard drive. The classic also had an expansion slot for memory (up to 10MByte) or a 68882 Floating Point Unit (FPU)

By Apple CPU Motorola 68000 @7.8336MHz Memory 1M RAM, 4M Max Sound 8-bit Pulse-width modulation Sprites none Display 512x342 Mono Display Chip none Sound Chip TTL Logic for PWM CPU Class 68000 Developed by Apple
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