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Macintosh Quadra 630 (LC 630, Performa 630)

The Apple Macintosh Quadra 630 (LC 630, Performa 630) was introduced in 1994. It was a replacement for the Quadra 610, and the least expensive in the Macintosh line-up at the time. There was a slight difference between the Quadra and the LC/Perfoma models:

  • Quadra 630: Motorola 68040 CPU
  • LC/Performa 630: Motorola 68LC040 CPU
The LC in the 80LC040 stands for Low Cost, as this version of the 68040 has no floating point unit (FPU). This makes the chip consume less power and it is less expensive to make. The OS could compensate by running a software FPU emulator, slowing the machine down a bit. However, there was a bug in some of the 68LC040 that caused the CPU to produce errors when running this software FPU emulator.

Is it a Quadra? An LC? A Performa?

In 1993 Apple made the decision to rename their Macintosh computers. They introduced three different product names, based on the target audiences. The result of this is that many Macintosh machines are exact duplicates of each other, but just with a different brand name.

  • Quadra line - Business Customers, sold only through Apple resellers.
  • LC line - Education market, sold primarily to schools.
  • Performa - Home consumers, sold in department and electronics stores.

Example: The Macintosh Quadra 605 is the same computer as the Macintosh LC 475 and the Macintosh Performa 475.

By Apple CPU Motorola 68LC040 @33MHz Memory 36M RAM Sound 8-bit Pulse-width modulation Sprites none Display 800x600 256 color, 640x480 16-bit color Display Chip none Sound Chip TTL Logic for PWM CPU Class 68000 Developed by Apple
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