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The Apple Pippin was proced in a time when Apple was not the corporate giant that it is today.

At the time apple spent a lot of time turning out products that did not nescessarily have any viable commercial market. One of these products was the result of an attempt to break into the console market with the assistance of Japanese game maker Ban dai.

THe Pippin was an odd hybrid device. It ran a modified Macintosh Operating System, and was pitched to the consumers as an affordable computer. But, it did not come with a keyboard. Apple had designed the AppleJack controller. This was a controller with an odd formfactor and featured four buttons, a track-ball and a directional thumb-pad.

The Apple Pippin was expensive, it retailed for $599. Compare this to the $299 that you'd pay for a Sony Playstation, there was no contest. Only 25 games came out for the Pippin, with the most notable title Bungie's Marathon. In 1997 Steve Job, upon his return to Apple, axed the project.

By Pioneer CPU Intel 8048 @5.91MHz Memory 192Bytes CPU-RAM, 6K RAM, 1K ROM Sound 1 Channel, 8 sounds Sprites 4 8x8 single color user def sprites; 12 8x8 ROM sprites; 4 quad characters Display 320x238 16 colors, 160x200 16 colors Display Chip Intel 8244 (PAL)/8245(NTSC) and EF9340 / EF9341 for new Video Modes Sound Chip Intel 8244 (PAL)/8245(NTSC) CPU Class Z80 Developed by Pioneer
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