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The Atari PC-4 comes in two versions. Atari had problems with manufacturing enough machines, and it was not available in sufficient quantities to satisfy demand. In order to be able to cover this demand, the German Atari subsidiary decided to purchase an OEM device, made by the Taiwanese manufacturer Mitac. This machine is basically a copy of their own Paragon 286VE computer. This version did not exist on the market for long, and only a few are left

The main processor is a 80286 CPU with a clock frequency of 12 or 16 MHz, which can be set depending on the version. Turbo mode can be switched on or off using the key combination [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[\]. The 16-bit processor, released in 1982, has 134,000 transistors, a 16-bit internal data bus, a 16-bit external data bus, and a 24-bit multiplexed address bus. It can support up to 16 MB of RAM and up to 1 GB of virtual memory and is capable of both real and protected mode. The version used here is housed in the 68-pin PLCC package and is designed as an N-Type Metal Oxide Semiconductor (NMOS) with a thickness of 1.5 ┬Ám. A socket for an Intel 80287 DIL math coprocessor is located right next to the processor.

The machine has onboard paradise PVGA1A-JK VGA Graphics, and a Seagate 66MByte Hard drive. The GEM package that Atari bundled with older machines is replaced with Microsoft Windows/286 version 2.1. The Atari mouse port has been replaced by the generic IBM Compatible mouse port.

By Atari CPU Intel 80286 Memory 640KB RAM SIPP modules, 8MB Max Sound beeper Sprites n/a Display VGA Graphics Display Chip Paradise Systems PVGA1A Sound Chip none CPU Class 80x86 Developed by Atari
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