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The Atari PC-5 is really not an Atari computer anymore other than by branding. The proprietary Atari motherboard has been replaced by an American Megatrends (AMI) 386XT Series-4 board. The machine runs on a 80386DX at 16 or 20MHz, and there is a socket for a 80387 Co-processor. The CPU can also be upgraded to a 386DX-25Mhz. The machine has a Seagate 66MByte hard drive, a 1.2MByte 5.25" or 1.44MByte 3.5" floppy drive and a Western Digital VGA Plus 16 VGA graphcis adapter.

By Atari CPU Intel 80386DX @16 or 20MHz Memory 2MB RAM Sound beeper Sprites n/a Display VGA Graphics Display Chip WD VGA Plus 16 256k VGA Graphics Adapter Sound Chip none CPU Class 80x86 Developed by Atari
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