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By Magnavox (Philips) CPU Discrete transistor logic Memory n/a Sound none Sprites none Display mono CRT image Display Chip none Sound Chip none CPU Class CUSTOM Developed by Magnavox
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MagnaVox  Odyssey
Books & Publications
Collection of books on the 6502 and compatible CPUs
A collection of books on Assembly Programming
A collection of books on Programming in BASIC
Books on programming in the higher programming languages Pascal and C
Collection of books on the Z80 8-bit CPU used in various home-computers
Magazines & Serials
Magazine devoted to the 68xx user
Advanced Computer Entertainment Magazine
Aktueller Software Markt (ASM)
The Journal for progressive computing
Computer and Video Games, multi-format British Magazine
Das Grosse Heimcomputer-Magazin
Monthly Programming and Technical Magazine
Una delle riviste storiche di informatica in Italia
Basic listings for various Japanese computer systems, including Sharp, MSX, Pasiopia, and more.
The 6502/6809 Journal
Slovenian Computer Magazine
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