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Philips G7000 / Magnavox Odyssey 2

Even though it looks like a computer, the Philips G7000 is a game console. It was released in 1978 by the Dutch company Philips and featured a console with game cartridges and joysticks. Some of the games were educational in nature and required the keyboard for input. Since the brand-name Philips was not very popular in the USA, it was released as the Magnavox Odyssey 2. In France it was released as Radiola Jet 25, but underneath they were all the exact same machine.

The console runs on the Intel 8048 mictocontroller that has specific software in the chip's mask-ROM. The CPU is swappable for the Intel 8748 if the same code is used. An Intel 8245 circuit is responsible for the video output. The System has 64 bytes of memory for the CPU, allowing it to run simple games. With the amount of memory, there was no way of using the machine for programming.

By Magnavox (Philips) CPU Intel 8048 @5.37MHz Memory 64Bytes CPU-RAM, 128B A/V-RAM, 1K Sound Mono using 24-bit shift register, clockable at 2 frequencies Sprites 4 8x8 single color user def sprites; 12 8x8 ROM sprites; 4 quad characters Display 160x200 16 colors Display Chip Intel 8244 (PAL)/8245(NTSC) Sound Chip Intel 8244 (PAL)/8245(NTSC) CPU Class 8080 Developed by Phillips
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