Memotech - MTX/RS  MTX 512

Memotech MTX-512

The Memotech MTX-500 was released in 1984. It had 64KByte of RAM and a Zilog Z80A CPU. It also used a TMS9918 or TMS9928 Video Display Processor, which has the VDP of choice for the MSX-1 range of computers.

The Memotech MTX computer line

The Memotech MTX computers came in an all aluminium case with a full sized keyboard and full-stroke keys. Built in was a BASIC interpereter with rudimentary windowing and LOGO command support. The system had cartridge support and could be expanded by an FDX system, which added 5.25" Floppy disk drives, Winchester hard disks using the CP/M 2.2 OS. The FDX expansion was very expensive.

In 1984 Memotech was working on a project to deliver the MTX-512 combined with the FDX and an I/O control system developed by Norbit Elektronikk Norge, to 64000 schools across the Soviet Union. At the time the Soviet Union was prohibited to buy IBM Personal Computers from the US, but CP/M computers were not part of the embargo.

Memotech made a substantial investment in order to prepare the deal for the Soviets. A special red case was designed and manufactured in The Netherlands, BASIC, character encoding, manuals, and keyboard all had to be adapted to the Russian language and character set. As a result Memotech required the USSR cash payments prior to the delivery of the computers. The Soviets decided against this, and bought MSX computers from Yamaha and Daewoo instead. The deal fell through for Memotech and the company went bankrupt

By Memotech CPU Zilog Z80A @4MHz Memory 64K RAM Sound 3 Square Wave tone generators, 1 noise generator, 16 volume levels. Sprites 16 color, 16x16, 8/scanline, 64 total Display 80x24, 40x24 text, 256x192 pattern based graphics, 16 color. Display Chip TM9919 or 9928 Sound Chip SN76489A PSG CPU Class Z80 Developed by Memotech
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