MSX -  Sony HB T7

Sony HitBit T7 MSX2

The Sony HitBit T7 MSX2 computer is designed as a communications computer. The machine has a built-in 300/1200 bps modem, and extra FirmWare for the system to be used as a communication terminal.

Like many Japanese MSX2 computers, this machine only has 64KByte of Main RAM

By Sony CPU Zilog Z80A @3.58MHz Memory 64K RAM, 128K VRAM Sound 3 wave channels + white noise Sprites 16 color, 16x16, 8/scanline, 64 total Display 512x212 16 of 512 RGB, 256x212 256 colors Display Chip Yamaha V9938 VDP Sound Chip Yamaha YM2149F Programmable Sound Generator CPU Class Z80 Developed by Sony
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