NEC - 8200 Portable  PC 8201a

NEC PC-8201A Portable

Nec introduced the PC-8201A in 1983. This is not a NEC design though. Kyocera brought this computer on the market in Japan as the Kyotronic 85. They sold the license to produce the computer in the USA and Canada to Tandy, and Tandy sold the computers as the Tandy TRS-80 Model 100.

The PC-8201A is equipped with a NEC 80C85A processor, standard 16KByte of RAM, upgradable to 64KByte of RAM in two 32KByte banks, and the ability to add a ROM chip. The machine was portable, and could function on 4 AA batteries for several hours. To save on power the screen is not back-lit so the machine had to be used in a well lit room. A neat feature of this computer is that it has an internal rechargable battery that kept the contents of RAM intact while the user swapped out the main AA batteries.

The machine has several ports to connect it to tape drive, disk drive and a modem.

By NEC CPU Intel 80C85 @2.46MHz Memory 16K RAM, 64K Max Sound mono piezo beeper Sprites n/a Display 40x8 text mono Display Chip none Sound Chip none CPU Class 8085 Developed by NEC
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