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Prologica CP-500

The Prologica CP 500 was a computer fully software compatible with the TRS-80 Model III. It used a Z80A running at 2MHz, had 48KByte of RAM and 16KByte ROM. The ROM contained a low-level monitor application, and the BASIC interpreter. The machine also had 1KByte of Video RAM, a speaker, and a real-time clock.

The back-side of the computer reveals the internal bus that is offered as an expansion slot, as well as two RS232 serial ports, a parallel priner port and connections for a tape recorder.

The built in screen offered a resolution of 64 characters on 16 lines. The computer was produced in Brazil by Prologica Ind. e Com. de Microcomputadores Ltda.

By Prologica CPU Z80 @2MHz Memory 48K RAM; 16K ROM Sound Beeper Sprites none Display 64x16 text Display Chip none Sound Chip none CPU Class Z80 Developed by Prologica
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