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Sistema 700

The Prologica Sistema 700 was introduced in 1981 and manufactured until 1985. It was based on the Zilog Z80A architecture, came with 64KByte of RAM and two 5.25" 320KByte floppy disk drives.

The Operating system of the Sistema 700 was DOS-700, this was a CP/M-80 version, adapted by the Prologica software engineering department to run on the Sistema 700. This OS was highly compatible with CP/M and applications like Fortran, BASIC compliler, Algol, Pascal, WOrdStar, CalcStar, DataStar and dBase II all ran on this machine without any problem.

By Prologica CPU Zilog Z80A @4MHz Memory 64K RAM Sound Beeper Sprites none Display 80x24 text Display Chip none Sound Chip none CPU Class Z80 Developed by Prologica
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