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Robotron A5105 (BIC)

The Robotron A5105 was also dubbed BIC, which stands for Bildungs Computer (trainings computer in English). The system had many improvements over the KC85 line of computers. It had a much better keyboard, and was much faster then the older line. It had a dedicated graphics chip, which could produce 16 colors, and came with it's own 128KByte dedicated Video RAM. Oddly, the system came with a monochrome monitor.

The system could run CP/M using a special driver for the FDD controller. The computer was manufactured in East Germany between 1989 and 1990, and only around 5000 units were ever produced.

By Robotron CPU Zilog Z80 @3.75MHz Memory 64K RAM, 128K VRAM, 48K ROM Sound 3 Voices Sprites n/a Display 80x25 text, 320x200 16 color, 640x200 4 color graphics. Display Chip D7220 Graphics Chip Sound Chip none CPU Class Z80 Developed by VEB Robotron
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