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Robotron KC 85/1 or KC 87

The Robotron KC87 was a rebranded KC 85/1. The KC 85/1 itself was a rebranded Z9001, and the KC/1 and later KC 2/3/4 were completely incompatible.

The KC87 had 16KByte of RAM and was based on the Intel Z80 architecture. It had an odd and very hard to use keyboard, simple sound through a built in speaker, and only semi-graphics by using special characters.

The machine was produced in Dresden, by the Dresden Messelektronic factory.

By Robotron CPU Zilog Z80 @2.5MHz Memory 16K RAM, 16K ROM Sound Simple built in beeper Sprites n/a Display 40x24 Character / Semigraphic mode Display Chip none Sound Chip none CPU Class Z80 Developed by VEB Robotron
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