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Robotron KC 85/3

The Robotron KC 85/3 was released in 1986 in East Germany. The computer was based on the Z80 CPU, had 32KByte of RAM and a 320x256 16 color graphics mode. KC stands for Klein Computer, or Micro Computer in English. The machine could be expanded by various modules: Assembly language Module, a Forth module, Digital I/O module, RAM expansion, A/D converters and more. The number of expansion slots could be increased by adding a 4-bay expansion module.

They keyboard of the KC 85 was problematic, the keys were not the full-stroke style, and the keyboard was controlled by the U807D chip, an Eastern European clone of the SAB3021. This chip was designed for remote controllers, but the two-line serial connection was prone to interference, causing ghost key inputs.

There was no text modus available on the KC, instead there was an emulated text mode in graphics, which was very slow, causing the whole system to be sluggish.

By Robotron CPU Zilog Z80 @1.75MHz Memory 32K RAM, 16K ROM Sound 2 tone generators, internal speaker Sprites n/a Display 320x256 16 color, 40x32 emulated text Display Chip none Sound Chip none CPU Class Z80 Developed by VEB Robotron
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