Sharp -  Sharp X 68000


By Sharp CPU Hitachi HD68HC000 @10MHz
Motorola 68000 @16MHz(after 1991)
Memory 1M RAM, 512K TEXT VRAM, 512K Graphics VRAM, 32K SPRITE VRAM, 16K SRAM Sound 8 Channel FM, DAC, 4 bit ADPCM Sprites 128 16x16, 16 color sprites. 16/scanline Display 64k Colors max
512x512 in 64k colors
1024x1024 in 16 out of 64k colors
Hardware scrolling, super-impose, sprite-flipping, dual tile-map layers
Display Chip Sound Chip FM - Yamaha YM2151 DAC - Yamaha YM3012 ADPCM - Oki MSM6258 (4-bit) CPU Class 68000 Developed by Sharp
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