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Most of us think of a game console as having a separate console, a slot to insert game media, and controllers. Coleco's Telstar Arcade had everything put together in a triangular shaped box. It came with a steering wheel and a gear shift for racing games, a revolver-style light gun, and two paddle like controllers for pong or tennis-like games.

The Telstar Arcade was released in 1977. It was the culmination of 13 different iterations over two years.

The design proved to be awkward for consumers. In order to play a different style game, you had to rotate the device, which could end up in tangled cables. The device was not the success Coleco hoped it to be, and nearly drove the company to bankruptcy.

By Pioneer CPU Intel 8048 @5.91MHz Memory 192Bytes CPU-RAM, 6K RAM, 1K ROM Sound 1 Channel, 8 sounds Sprites 4 8x8 single color user def sprites; 12 8x8 ROM sprites; 4 quad characters Display 320x238 16 colors, 160x200 16 colors Display Chip Intel 8244 (PAL)/8245(NTSC) and EF9340 / EF9341 for new Video Modes Sound Chip Intel 8244 (PAL)/8245(NTSC) CPU Class Z80 Developed by Pioneer
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