MSX -  Talent dpc-300

Talent DPC-300

When you look at the Talent DPC-300, it is easy to see that this is the same machine as the Daewoo CPC-300e computer, both are built by Daewoo. The naming is different than the other Talent computers, this is a Daewo PC (DPC), where the others are Talent PCs (TPC).

This is an MSX2 computer that uses a custom Daewoo IC DW64MX1 that incorporates a 8255 PPI clone, solot select circuitry, a memory mapper and various glue logic on one IC. The main CPU in this machine is a Goldstar Z8400A PS Z80A compatible.

The memory mapper of the DPC-300 is located in slot 0-2, whil most other MSX2 machines locate the mapper in slot 3. This can cause some software that expects the mapper to reside in slot 3 to not function properly.

By Talent CPU Zilog Z80A @3.58MHz Memory 128K RAM, 128K VRAM Sound 3 wave channels + white noise Sprites 16 color, 16x16, 8/scanline, 64 total Display 512x212 16 of 512 RGB, 256x212 256 colors Display Chip Yamaha V9938 VDP Sound Chip Yamaha YM2149F Programmable Sound Generator CPU Class Z80 Developed by Talent
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