Famicom Mini
Retrobug | 2023-04-11 10:30:53

Remake of a Classic

The Famicom Mini is truly mini. It is a miniature replica of the original Nintento Family Computer (Famicom) that was released in Japan. This system was released in the United States as the Ninendo Entertainment System. Even though the machines look entirely different, the games and underlying architecture are the same.

games List

This mini console comes preloaded with a collection of 30 classic games.

  1. Atlantis no Nazo
  2. Balloon Fight
  3. Castlevania
  4. Donkey Kong
  5. Double Dragon 2: The Revenge
  6. Downtown Nekketsu Koshinkyoku Soreyuke Daiundokai
  7. Dr. Mario
  8. Exitebike
  9. Final Fantasy 3
  10. Galaga
  11. Ghost n Goblins
  12. Gradius
  13. Ice climber
  14. Kirby's Adventure
  15. Mario Brothers
  16. Mario Open Golf
  17. Mega Man
  18. Metroid
  19. Ninja Gaiden
  20. Pac-Man
  21. River City Ransom
  22. Solomon's Key
  23. Super C
  24. Super Mario Bros.
  25. Super Mario Bros. 2
  26. Super Mario Bros. 3
  27. The Legend of Zelda
  28. Tsuppari Oozumou
  29. Yie Ar Kung Fu
  30. Zelda 2: The adventure of Link

For North America Nintendo produced a miniature version of the NES, the NES Classic Edition. The Famicom Mini is intended for the Japanese market, but in this day and age, you can just order one from Amazon. The list of games for the North American version is slightly different: the non-translated Japanese games are swapped for games that were released for the English speaking region.