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Books on the Texas Intruments TI99/4(A)

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Beginner's BASIC

by  Inman, Don

Published  in  1979  by  Texas Instruments

ISBN:  0895120283

How to build your own working 16 bit microcomputer

by  Tracton, Ken

Published  in  1979  by  Tab Books

ISBN:  0830610995

Introduction to TI BASIC

by  Inman, Don

Published  in  1980  by  Hayden

ISBN:  0810451859

Owning your home computer : the complete illustrated guide

by  Perry, Robert L. (Robert Louis)

Published  in  1980  by  Everest House

ISBN:  0896960935

Software development handbook

by  Vincent, Geoff

Published  in  1981

ISBN:  0904047318

User's reference guide : a complete, detailed guide to using and enjoying your Texas Instruments TI 99/4A computer

Published  in  1981  by  Texas Instruments Incorporated

ISBN:  0895120488

Computer awareness program

by  Various Authors

Published  in  1982  by  Texas Instruments Inc.

36 Texas Instruments TI 99/4A programs for home, school, & office

by  Turner, Len

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0866680241

A Parent's guide to computers & software

by  Goodman, Danny

Published  in  1983  by  Simon & Schuster

ISBN:  0671491733

Free software for your TI home computer

by  Heller, David L

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0865821240

Imparate il Basic con il Texas TI 99/4A

by  Herbert D. Peckham

Published  in  1983

Introducing LOGO : for the Apple II computer, Texas Instruments 99/4A and Tandy Color computer

by  Ross, Peter

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0201146525

Introduction to assembly language for the TI home computer

by  Molesworth, Ralph

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0911061010

Kids working with computers

by  Mass, L; Kuffler, J; Rubin, M; Toll D

Published  in  1983  by  Trillium Press

ISBN:  0898240743

Kids working with computers : the Texas Instruments Basic manual

by  Kemnitz, Thomas Milton

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  089824059X

L'home computer TI 99/4A

by  Elefante, Carmine

Published  in  1983

Learning to use the TI 99/4A computer

by  Townsend, Kevin

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0566034921

Programmer's reference guide to the TI 99/4A

by  Regena, C

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0942386124

Programs for the TI home computer

by  Davis, Steve

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0911061002

Texas instruments 99/4A : BASIC guide

by  Giarratano, Joseph C

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0913847003

The elementary TI 99/4A

by  Sanders, William B

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0881902470

The kid's guide to home computers

by  Cohen, Daniel

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0671493612

The Texas Instruments home computer ideabook : includes 50 ready to run programs

by  Ahl, David H

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0916688518

The Texas program book : 35 programs for home, educational, and business use with the TI 99/4A

by  Apps, Vince

Published  in  1983  by  Phoenix Publishing Associates

ISBN:  0946576009

The TI 99/4A user's guide

by  Casciato, Carol A

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0672220717

The user's guide to Texas Instruments TI 99/4A computer, software & peripherals

by  Starfire, Brian

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0517414503

TI 99/4A : 24 BASIC programs

by  Casciato, Carol A

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0672222477

TI 99/4A favorite programs explained

by  Kreutner, Donald C

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0880220503

TI 99/4A user's handbook

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0938862499


by  Giarratano, Joseph C

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0880220538

Using & programming the TI 99/4A, including ready to run programs

by  Holtz, Frederick

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0830606203

Your first TI 99/4A program

by  Zaks, Rodnay

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0895881578

222 BASIC computer programs for home, school & office

by  Roberts, Don J.

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  086668039X

33 programs for the TI 99/4A

by  Flynn, Brian

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0942386426

A bit of LOGO magic for the TI 99/4A

by  Bearden, Donna

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0835904946

A scuola con il Texas TI 99/4A

by  Sergio Borsani

Published  in  1984

Animation, games, and sound for the TI 99/4A

by  Fabbri, Tony

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0130372277

BASIC programs for small computers : things to do in 4K or less

by  Regena, C

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0942386388

BASIC tricks for the TI 99/4A

by  Wyatt, Allen

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0672223848

Compute!'s guide to extended BASIC home applications

by  Flynn, Christopher

Published  in  1984  by  COMPUTE! Books

ISBN:  0942386418

Compute!'s guide to TI 99/4A sound and graphics

by  Herold, Raymond J

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0942386469

Compute!'s TI collection

Published  in  1984  by  Compute! Publications Inc

ISBN:  094238671X

Computer art and animation : a user's guide to TI 99/4A Color Logo

by  Thornburg, David D

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0201079585

Computer monsters

by  Manes, Stephen

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0590331779

Computer space adventures

by  Somerson, Paul

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0590331787

Computing together : a parents and teachers guide to using computers with young children

by  D'Ignazio, Fred

Published  in  1984  by  COMPUTE! Books

ISBN:  0942386515

Data and file management for the TI 99/4A

by  Grillo, John P

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0697002454

Easy programming with the TI 99/4A

by  Guenette, Richard

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0817631755

Get personal with your TI 99/4A

by  Manning, William A; Ingalsbe, Lon

Published  in  1984  by  Dilithium Press

ISBN:  0880560983

Giochiamo con TI 99/4A

by  Nelson, Andrew

Published  in  1984

How to use the TI994a computer

by  Brewer, Bill; Willis, Jerry

Published  in  1984  by  Dilithium Press

ISBN:  0880561351

Impariamo a programmare in TI BASIC

by  Mauro Perotti

Published  in  1984

Introducing LOGO

by  Allan, Boris

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0246123230

Introduction to graphics for the TI 99/4A

by  Grillo, John P

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0697002373

Itty bitty bytes of space for the TI 99/4A computer

by  Passantino, Claire Bailey

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0835933180

Learning ti994a home computer assembly language programming

by  McComic, Ira

Published  in  1984  by  Wordware Publishing, Inc.

ISBN:  0915381567

Mastering the TI 99

by  Brooks, Peter

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0744700086

Matilda, the Computer Cat, for the TI 99/4A computer

by  Passantino, Claire Bailey

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0835943240

Micro Adventure: five mind benders

by  Glick, R; Buckholtz, E

Published  in  1984  by  Parachute Press / Scholastic

ISBN:  0590331698

Micro Adventure: Robot race

by  Kraft, David Anthony

Published  in  1984  by  Parachute Press / Scholastic

ISBN:  0590331701

School days for the TI 99/4A computer

by  Passantino, Claire Bailey

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0835968871

Space attack

by  Buckholtz, Eileen

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0590331655

Speed Walker fun to program your TI 99 Series

by  Budin, Howard

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0523422474

Sprites, a turtle, and TI LOGO

by  Conlan, Jim

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0835970361

Taking off with basic on the texas instruments home computer

by  Watson, Nancy

Published  in  1984  by  Prentice-Hall Publishing

ISBN:  0893038709

The academic TI

by  Mowe, Richard; Mummaw, Ronald

Published  in  1984  by  Reston Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN:  0835900215

The best of TI cartridges

by  Blackadar, Thomas

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0895881373

The best Texas Instruments software : educational, games, business, word processing, home & personal use

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0517424762

The innermost secrets of the ti994a

by  Holcomb, Randy

Published  in  1984  by  Patch Publishing Inc.

The last whole TI 99/4A book : programs and possibilities

by  Garrison, Paul

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0471879207

The last word on the TI 99/4A

by  Schreiber, Linda M

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0830607455

The Texas Instruments user's encyclopedia

by  Phillips, Gary

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0912003154

TI 99/4A BASIC programs

by  Knight, Timothy Orr

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0672223856

TI 99/4A BASIC reference manual

by  Casciato, Carol A

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0672222469

TI 99/4A Calc

by  Schmalhofer, Gregory R

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0672224143

TI 99/4A games

by  Wyatt, Allen

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0672223988

TI 99/4A graphics and sounds

by  Knight, Timothy Orr

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0672223864

TI 99/4A trivia data base

by  Hunter, James F

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0672223953

TI BASIC computer programs for the home

by  Sternberg, Charles D

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0810464020

TI games for kids

by  Ingalls, Robert P

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0942386396

TI in wonderland

by  D'Ignazio, Fred

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0810464152

Compute!'s beginner's guide to assembly language on the TI 99/4A

by  Lottrup, Peter M. L

Published  in  1985

ISBN:  0942386744

The best of family computing programs

by  Latimer, Joey

Published  in  1985

ISBN:  0590390449

The orphan chronicles

by  Albright, Ronald G

Published  in  1985

ISBN:  0931831016

TI 99/4A intern the operating system of TI 99/4A internal

by  Martin, Heiner

Published  in  1985  by  Verlag fur Technik und Handwerk GmbH

ISBN:  3881800093

Compute's TI collection volume two

by  Various Authors

Published  in  1986  by  COMPUTE! Books

ISBN:  087455036X

Creating simulation games on your computer

by  Hartnell, Tim

Published  in  1986

ISBN:  0345328965

1 2 3 my computer and me

10 starter programs from family computing

101 programming tips and tricks

24 Programs Cassette Listing

24 Programs Errata

32 basic programs for the ti994a

ISBN:  0-880S6-072

50 complete programs for TI99/4a computer

art and graphics with your ti994a

Assembly Digest 1985 02

Basic beginnings

basic programming for adults

basic tips

beginning assembly language for the ti home computer

beginning assembly language for the ti home computer second edition

best of huggers volume II

best of the newsletters volume I

Computer awareness program for adults

computer craziness

computer olympics

Computes first book of ti games

computes guide to adventure games

Cracking the TI99/4a

ISBN:  0917915003

creating adventure games on your computer

creating arcade games on the ti994a

Creative programming volume I

Published  by  Creative Programming Inc

creative programming volume i

Creative programming volume II

Published  by  Creative Programming Inc

creative programming volume II alternate

Creative programming volume III

Creative programming volume IV

Published  by  Creative Programming Inc

creative programming volume v

creative programming volume vi

creative programming yellow all stars

dr tamashiros ti travels

Easy Assembly

easy programming with the ti994a

Easy to understand guide to home comptuers

encyclopaedia of graphics volume one

encyclopaedia of graphics volume three

encyclopaedia of graphics volume two

entertainment games in ti basic and extended basic

Everyones guide to basic

fundamentals of ti994a assembly language

game writers pack 1

game writers pack 2

games for your ti994a

games tis play

ISBN:  0-88190-120-2

get more from the ti994a

ISBN:  0-246-I228I-I

Getting started with the texas TI99/4a

getting the most from your cassette system

giant book of computer games

graphics catalog

graphics catalog supplement

hardware manual for the texas instruments 994a

Home energy applications on your personal computer

home publishing on the 994a

home publishing supplement one

home publishing supplement three

home publishing supplement two

How to feel at home with a home computer

I speak Basic to my TI99/4a

introduction to computing with the ti994a

K-power collection

ISBN:  0590390392

Kids and the TI99/4a

kids computer iq book

kracker facts

micro adventure four time trap

micro adventure million dollar gamble

Micro adventure two: Jungle Quest

microcomputer workbook

Micronova's home computer dictionary

Night mission

numerical analysis with the ti994a et al

orphan survival handbook

programming basic with the ti home computer

programming discovery in ti basic

Quick reference handbook

by  TI Users Group

Published  by  TI Users Group

Relative files

smart programming guide for sprites

starter pack 1

starter pack 2

stimulating simulations for the ti994a

terrific games for the ti994a

texas instruments computer program writing workbook

texas instruments home computer games programs

texas instruments home computer graphics programs

the adventure reference guide

The basic book

ISBN:  0070279S94

the best of 99er volume 1

The best of the computer bridge

The Bozo Chronicles

The spiders guide to funnelweb configuration

the texas instruments basic manual

ISBN:  051684283

the texas instruments logo manual

ISBN:  051684291

the ti994a in bits and bytes

The tool kit series TI99/4a edition

the users guide to texas instruments ti994a computer software and perpherials

The writers

things to do with your ti994a computer

ti home computer assembly language primer

ti logo

TI logo student guide

ti writer supplement

TI Writer Tips And Tricks

ti994a 51 fun and educational programs

TI994a for the beginning beginner

by  Cowan, L

Published  by  Enrich/Ohaus

ISBN:  0865821321

ti994a game programs

ti994a software directory


tutor original version blue cover

users groups hardware reprints

Using the TI-Writer word processor

by  Kennedy, Tom