Atari Recharged
15 episodes - last episode 13 Oct 2023

Join Jason (Producer from Atari) and Adam (game design lead from Adamvision Studios) as they delve into the original concept and development of the Recharged series. Each week they'll explore a new facet of the project, share insights, interrogate special guests, and inevitably get a bit distracted along the way.
Following the stealth release on Atari VCS, Jason is joined again by Ethan Stearns and, for the first time, John Kauderer, to discuss and play Neo Sprint. Learn more about Neo Sprint: Join the Atari Discord: Follow us: Atari: Jason Polansky: Ethan Stearns:
Join Atari's dynamic duo of Producers, Jason Polansky and Mark Perloff, as they play through Haunted House and discuss the upcoming Halloween release. Video: Wishlist Haunted House: Join the Atari Discord: Follow us: Atari: Jason Polansky:
Hosted by Jason Polansky (Producer, Atari), this week's episode of the Atari Podcast focuses on the team's experiences at PAX West 2023. Hear about what went into making the show a success for the team and what some of their standout moments were from the showfloor. Join the Atari Discord: Follow us: Atari: Jason Polansky: Ethan Stearns: Shah-Rukh Faridi: Sam Brown:
Get a behind-the-scenes look at upcoming Days of Doom with key members of the development team from SneakyBox: Gytis Dabašinskas: Lead designer Ieva Auželytė: Lead artist Rytis Kazakevičius: Lead programmer Vytautas Ruzgus: Producer
Due to scheduling issues, we had to push the Days of Doom episode out to the next time. However, this episode tries something different: a simple chat between Ethan Stearns (Atari VP of Games) and myself (Jason). I've prepared some conversation-starting questions, both games and not games-related, to learn more about some of the minds at Atari. Join the Atari Games Discord to ask questions or to hang with fellow Atari fans:
This episode goes behind the scenes of the upcoming Quantum: Recharged. The guests include: Augustas Vachauzas: Game designer of Quantum: Recharged at SneakyBox Danielius Gudauskas: Ports producer on Quantum: Recharged and all other SneakyBox-developed Atari titles David Paige: Atari's own VCS games guru

The podcast is back! And since we're gearing up for the release of Mr. Run and Jump next week, who better to join us than the creator and game designer, himself? John walks us through his journey to Graphite Lab, how Mr. Run and Jump came to be, and what it was like creating a current-gen version of the title.

Adam is back! Following the announcement of Gravitar: Recharged, we return with a Let's Play to dive into what's new in the latest series entry, answer some questions, and try to restrain our profanity along the way. Watch here: Wishlist Gravitar: Recharged on Steam:
We're joined by Matt Raithel, Jacob Lear, and Phil Snowbarger from Graphite Lab and Joystick - the team behind Kombinera -- for some developer gameplay, and to share development insights and tips for overcoming the most challenging levels (especially the hidden ones). Watch the video here:
Something a little different this week: we play some Black Widow: Recharged and dig into the ins and outs of the title, including mechanics, strategies, and the subtle details about the upcoming release. Video link:
Jason and Adam address some players' and listeners' feedback before diving into the process of deciding which games get the Recharged treatment.
Tadas Migauskas - producer at SneakyBox - joins the podcast to review some reviews of Centipede: Recharged, hype the next three titles, and discuss what it means to be a producer.
Vaidas Okunis - designer on Centipede: Recharged - joins the podcast to discuss what went into making the unique challenges, his history in the game industry, and his time as a fire juggler in a Lithuanian circus.
Megan McDuffee - the composer/musical artist behind the bumpin’ soundtrack of Centipede Recharged - joins Adam and Jason to talk about her journey from classical roots to games industry OST phenom.
In this pilot episode, get acquainted with Jason (producer) and Adam (title lead), and find out what excites us most about our new game Centipede: Recharged. Please rate and review us on podcast services.