Atari  Atari PC2

Atari PC-2

The Atari PC-2 is based on the same architecture as the Atari PC-1 but the case is much larger and allows for ISA expansion cards, something the PC1 did not have. The processor is still the Intel 8088.

The machine has 512KByte RAM, and onboard EGA Graphics using a NSI Logic EVC315-S. Also present are a 5.25 360KByte floppy disk drive and a 20MByte hard drive.

p>Atari bundled the follwing software with the PC-3
  • Micrsoft MS-DOS 3.2
  • GW Basic 3.2
  • GEM Desktop EGA 2.1
  • GEM Paint
  • GEM Write

Atari supplied the computer with an Atari 83 key PC-Keyboard, an Atari style mouse, and the Atari PCM-124 12" EGA Monochrome monitor

Intel 8088 CPU

The Intel 8088 microprocessor is a variant of the Intel 8086. The 8088 has an 8-bit external bus instead of the 16-bit bus that the 8086 has. The 16-bit registers and the 1MByte address range are unchanged, however. The 8086 and the 8088 have the same execution unit (EU), only the Bus Interface Unit (BIU) differs.

The original IBM PC architecture is based on the Intel 8088. The CPU runs at 5 to 16 MHz, has a 20-bit address bus and can work together with the 8087 Co-Processor. The 8088 was launched in 1979. The 8088 is compatible with the Intel 8085.

Released 1987 Country United States Brand Type ATARI PC Name Atari PC2 CPU Class 8088 CPU Intel 8088 Memory 512kB RAM Sound Chip none Sound beeper Display Chip NSI Logic EVC315-S Display EGA Graphics Sprites n/a System OS GEM/DOS Storage Dual 5.25" Disk Drives, 20MByte Hard Drive
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