Hitachi Computers  MB 6885

Hitachi MB-6885 Basic Master Jr

The Hitachi MB-6885 is the successor of Hitachi's MB-6881. Competition with NEC, Commodore and Panasonic was fierce, and this computer did not gain much ground.

The machine runs on the Motorola 6800 processor, has an optional graphics adapter which enabled it to display 256x192 resolution in 8 colors. RAM is shared by the CPU and the Video interface.

The machine had the following interfaces:

  • Printer Port
  • Cassette MT interface Expansion bus for Color Interface

Released 1981 Country Japan Brand Type HITA Basic Master Name MB 6885 CPU Class 6800 CPU Motorola 6800 @ 0.8MHz Memory 16kB RAM
18kB ROM
Sound Chip none Sound 3 octaves Display Chip none Display 64x48 text, 256x192 graphics Sprites none System OS MB-6880 BASIC Storage External Tape Original Price 89,800
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