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What is a classic system? That is a good question, and it is a matter of opinion. As a general rule, we collect information about any 8- or 16-bit system that is now considered obsolete. Sometimes we will highlight the occasional newer system if we feel it belongs on our site. And there are occastions where we include a system because it is so damn interesting that we just have to include it. Maybe system only differs slightly from a pre-decessor and has only a new CPU or a new sound-chip. We still try include it so that you have a good sense of the evolution within a line of computers.

Please not that much of the information is publicly available online somewhere else. Some sites even have more information on a given system. But often those sites limit themselves to one particular type of system, brand or topic, we do not. We try to present the information in a pleasing manner, fun to read and provide as many links to those other sites as possible. We include includes information from printed publications, experts in the field, stuff that you will not find somewhere else. We spent hours translating non-english information, collecting and scrubbing the data and present it in a comprehensive and easy to read manner. We also include links to collections of books, magazines and other publications that you can read online.