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6502 CPU

This is a collection of books on the 6502 and compatible CPUs.

The 6502 is the famous processor found at the core of such influential computer systems as the Apple I, the Commodore PET, the Atari 400 and 800 home video game consoles, the BBC Micro, and the Tamagotchi digital pet. Slight variations of it were found in the Commodore 64, the Atari 2600, and the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

When it was introduced in 1975, the 6502 was the least expensive microprocessor on the market by a considerable margin. It initially sold for less than one-sixth the cost of competing designs from larger companies, such as the 6800 or Intel 8080. Its introduction caused rapid decreases in pricing across the entire processor market. Along with the Zilog Z80, it sparked a series of projects that resulted in the home computer revolution of the early 1980s.

Source: WikiPedia

6502 applications book

by  Zaks, Rodnay

Published  in  1979  by  Sybex

ISBN:  0895880156

Advanced 6502 programming

by  Zaks, Rodnay

Published  in  1982  by  Sybex

ISBN:  089588089X

Programming the 6502

by  Zaks, Rodnay

Published  in  1983  by  Sybex

ISBN:  0895881357

6502 machine code for humans

by  Tootill, Alan

Published  in  1984  by  Granada

ISBN:  0246120762

Programmierung des 6502

by  Zaks, Rodnay

Published  in  1985  by  Sybex

ISBN:  3887456009

Programming the 65816

by  Labiak, William

Published  in  1986  by  Sybex

ISBN:  0895883244

Assembly Lines: The Complete Book

by  Roger Wagner

Published  in  2014  by  The Softalk Apple Project

ISBN:  1312089402