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Assembly Programming

The list below contains a list of books selected by RetroBug, covering programming in Assembly Language.

In computer programming, assembly language (or assembler language, or symbolic machine code), is any low-level programming language in which there is a very strong correspondence between the instructions in the language and the architecture's machine code instructions. Assembly language usually has one statement per machine instruction (1:1), but constants, comments, assembler directives, symbolic labels of, e.g., memory locations, registers, and macros are generally also supported.

Assembly code is converted into executable machine code by a utility program referred to as an assembler. The term "assembler" is generally attributed to Wilkes, Wheeler and Gill in their 1951 book The Preparation of Programs for an Electronic Digital Computer, who, however, used the term to mean "a program that assembles another program consisting of several sections into a single program". The conversion process is referred to as assembly, as in assembling the source code. The computational step when an assembler is processing a program is called assembly time.

Because assembly depends on the machine code instructions, each assembly language is specific to a particular computer architecture.

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intel :: 8085 :: 9800301C 8080 8085 Assembly Language Programming Manual Nov78

Published  in  1978

Beginners assembly language programming for the VIC 20

by  Holmes, Peter

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0907792103

Der Atari Assembler

by  Inman, Don

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  3887930258

Introducing Z 80 Assembly Language Programming (Ian SINCLAIR)

by  Ian Sinclair

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0408013389

Introduction to assembly language for the TI home computer

by  Molesworth, Ralph

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0911061010

Assembly language for kids: Commodore 64

by  Sanders, William B

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0931145007

Assembly language programming for the Atari Computers

by  Mark Chasin

Published  in  1984  by  BYTE

ISBN:  0070106797

Atari assembly language guide

by  Moose, Allan E

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0938862545

Commodore C64 Book: Assembly Language Programming With the Commodore 64

Published  in  1984

Commodore C64 Book: Top Down Assembly Language Programming For Your VIC-20 and C64

Published  in  1984

Learning ti994a home computer assembly language programming

by  McComic, Ira

Published  in  1984  by  Wordware Publishing, Inc.

ISBN:  0915381567

Amiga Manual: Amiga Computer Model 1000 Assembly Level Repair

Published  in  1985  by  Commodore

Commodore 64 Assembly Language Arcade Game Programming - Steve Bress 1985

by  Steve Bress

Published  in  1985

Commodore C64 Book: Commodore 64 Assembly Language Arcade Game Programming

by  Steve Bress

Published  in  1985

Compute!'s beginner's guide to assembly language on the TI 99/4A

by  Lottrup, Peter M. L

Published  in  1985

ISBN:  0942386744

La pratica del Commodore 64 - 3. Linguaggio macchina e Assembler del 6502

by  David, Daniel-Jean

Published  in  1985

Commodore 128 assembly language programming

by  Andrews, Mark

Published  in  1986

ISBN:  0672225417

Amiga Assembler Buch

by  Wollschlaeger, Peter

Published  in  1987  by  Markt & Technik

ISBN:  3890905250

HiSoft Amiga Devpac Assembler

Published  in  1988  by  Markt & Technik Verlag AG, HiSoft

Spiele Programmierung in Assembler

by  Schimanski, Jorgo

Published  in  1991  by  Heim Verlag

ISBN:  3928480022

Amiga Assembler Von Null Auf Hundert

by  Webers, Ronald; Zavelberg, Frank

Published  in  1993  by  Verlag Gabriele Lechner

ISBN:  3926858400

SAS/C Development System User's Guide, Volume 2: Debugger, Utilities, Assembler, Version 6

Published  in  1993

ISBN:  1-55544-583-7

Assembly Lines: The Complete Book

by  Roger Wagner

Published  in  2014  by  The Softalk Apple Project

ISBN:  1312089402

Assembly Digest 1985 02

Assembly Language Workshop Vol 1

beginning assembly language for the ti home computer

beginning assembly language for the ti home computer second edition

Easy Assembly

fundamentals of ti994a assembly language

MSX Assembly Programming

MSX Programacao Em Assembler

by  Georges Fagot-Barraly

Published  by  Manole Ltda.

Pocket Guide Assembly Language for the 68000 Series

The Atari Assembler

ti home computer assembly language primer

Z80 Assembly Language Programming

by  Lance A. Leventhal

Published  by  Osborne/McGraw-Hill