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Pascal & C

Books on programming in the higher programming languages Pascal and C

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Impariamo il Pascal sul nostro computer

by  Jeremy Ruston

Published  in  1984

Practical C - Mark HARRISON - Sigma Press

Published  in  1985  by  Sigma Press

ISBN:  1850580359

Amiga Manual: Manx Aztec C Compiler

Published  in  1986  by  Manx Software Systems

Programming In C On The AMSTRAD

by  Sinclair, Ian

Published  in  1986  by  Glentop

ISBN:  0907792863

SCHNEIDER CPC Arbeiten Mit Turbo Pascal

by  Rollke, Karl Hermann

Published  in  1986  by  Sybex

ISBN:  3887456491

Amiga - C für Einsteiger

by  Schaun, Dirk

Published  in  1987  by  Data Becker

ISBN:  3890111076

Amiga C In Beispielen

by  Huckert, E; Kremser, F.

Published  in  1987  by  Markt & Technik Verlag AG

ISBN:  3890905390

Amiga Das Grosse C Buch

by  Jennrich, Bruno; Schulz, Peter; Bleek, Wolf-Gideon

Published  in  1988  by  Data Becker

ISBN:  3890111912

Kick Pascal 2.0

Published  in  1989  by  MAXON Computer GmbH

Amiga C for Beginners by Dirk Schaun

by  Schaun, Dirk

Published  in  1990  by  Data Becker, Abacus

ISBN:  155755045X

Amiga Manual: Lattice C v5.10 Volume 1

Published  in  1990  by  SAS Institute

Amiga Manual: Lattice C v5.10 Volume 2

Published  in  1990  by  SAS Institute

Maxon Pascal 3

Published  in  1994  by  MAXON Computer GmbH

Storm C Preview

Published  in  1995  by  Haage & Partner

Learning C on the Atari ST

Learning C Prog Graphics Amiga & Atari ST

The C Programming Language