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Sinclair Spectrum

Collection of books for the Sinclair Spectrum

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More Real Applications For The ZX 81 (Randle HURLEY)

by  Hurley, Randle

Published  in  1982

Over the Spectrum

by  Williams, Philip

Published  in  1982

ISBN:  0861611098

Spectrum Special Part 1 1982 Micropedia PCN

Published  in  1982

60 Spiele und nützliche Anwendungen für den ZX Spectrum

by  David Harwood

Published  in  1983

70 Programmes ZX 81 ZX Spectrum(acme)

by  Pierre SIRVEN

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  2709109107

Better Programming For Your Spectrum And ZX 81(acme)

by  Speel, Robert

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0006366104

Games for your ZX Spectrum

by  Shaw, Peter

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0907080847

Introducing Z 80 Assembly Language Programming (Ian SINCLAIR)

by  Ian Sinclair

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0408013389

Invent and write games programs for the Spectrum

by  Williams, Noel

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0070847193

Maschinencode Routinen für den ZX Spectrum

by  John Hardman, Andrew Hewson

Published  in  1983

Sinclair Software & Peripherals Catalogue 1983

Published  in  1983  by  Sinclair Research Ltd.


by  JCE

Published  in  1983

Sixty programs for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum

by  Erskine, Robert

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0330282603

Super charge your Spectrum

by  Webb, David

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0861611128

The Century Computer Programming ZX 81 Spectrum(acme)

by  Peter Morse, Ian Adamson, Ben Anrep, Brian Hancock

Published  in  1983


Published  in  1983

Vobis Volkscomputer 1983

Published  in  1983

ZX Spectrum - Programme zum Lernen und Spielen

by  Tim Hartnell

Published  in  1983

Das Spectrum Buch

by  Trevor Toms

Published  in  1984

Echos Sinclair 08

Published  in  1984  by  Joker International Editions

Echos Sinclair 09

Published  in  1984  by  Joker International Editions

Impariamo il Pascal sul nostro computer

by  Jeremy Ruston

Published  in  1984

Inside The Timex Sinclair 2000 Computer

by  Jeff Naylor, Diane Rogers

Published  in  1984

Personal Computing Today (1984-07)

Published  in  1984  by  Argus Specialist Publications Ltd.

Spectrum graphics and sound

by  Money, Steve A

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0246121920

Super Juegos Para Todos Magazine

by  Neil Parsons

Published  in  1984

The Spectrum advanced user guide

by  Dickens, Adrian C

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  0947929029

The Times book of computer puzzles & games for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum

by  Bradbeer, Robin

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  028399164X

ZX Spectrum Hardware Erweiterungen

by  Lothar Schüssler

Published  in  1984

Echos Sinclair 10

by  SOLO

Published  in  1985

Il manuale del BASIC per TI99/4A-VIC20-C64-ZX81-ZX Spectrum-MZ700-IBMPC-M20-Apple

by  Martino Sangiorgio

Published  in  1985

Papersoft anno 2 n° 18 (Sinclair)

by  J.soft

Published  in  1985

Practical C - Mark HARRISON - Sigma Press

Published  in  1985  by  Sigma Press

ISBN:  1850580359

The programmers' troubleshooting guide : Spectrum

by  Letcher, Piers

Published  in  1985

ISBN:  071260572X

ZX Spectrum Tips und Tricks

by  Dr. Peter Bosetti

Published  in  1985

Aprende A Programar - Animación (Ediciones Anaya, 1986)

by  Marcus Milton

Published  in  1986

ISBN:  847525361X

A Z-80 Workshop Manual - Bernard Babani Publishing

Published  in  1989  by  Bernard Babani Publishing

ISBN:  0859340872

Hardware-Erweiterung für ZX Spektrum

by  Jörg Reinmuth

Published  in  1989

+3 Contact Issue 17

by  Garner Designs Publishing

Published  in  1990

+3 Contact Issue 18

by  Garner Designs Publishing

Published  in  1991

MIDI Projects - Bernard Babani Publishing

Published  in  1992  by  Bernard Babani Publishing

ISBN:  0859341569

Sinclair ZX Spectrum And Commodore 64 Book 2012

Published  in  2012  by  RetroComputer

Sinclair ZX Spectrum TOSEC Set (2017-11-01) [by Lady Eklipse]

by  Lady Eklipse

Published  in  2017

Vintage Computer Palette aco and png

by  Lesposit

Published  in  2019

The Computers That Made Britain

by  Tim Danton

Published  in  2021

Paleotronic Magazine Issue Two April 2018

by  Paleotronic

The Home Computer Course 01 and 02

Your Computer (September 1983) HQ