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Collection of books on the Z80 8-bit CPU used in various home-computers

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The Z-80 microcomputer handbook

by  Barden, William T

Published  in  1978

ISBN:  0672215004

6502 applications book

by  Zaks, Rodnay

Published  in  1979  by  Sybex

ISBN:  0895880156

Programming the Z80

by  Zaks, Rodnay

Published  in  1980

ISBN:  0895880474

Advanced 6502 programming

by  Zaks, Rodnay

Published  in  1982  by  Sybex

ISBN:  089588089X

Program your ATARI in 6502 machinelanguage

by  Roberts, Sam D

Published  in  1982

ISBN:  3921682975

Programming the 6502

by  Zaks, Rodnay

Published  in  1983  by  Sybex

ISBN:  0895881357

Z80 applications

by  Coffron, James

Published  in  1983

ISBN:  0895880946

6502 machine code for humans

by  Tootill, Alan

Published  in  1984  by  Granada

ISBN:  0246120762

Commodore C64 Book: Visible Computer 6502, The

Published  in  1984

Fortgeschrittene 6502-Programmierung

by  Zaks, Rodnay

Published  in  1984

ISBN:  3887450477

La pratica del Commodore 64 - 3. Linguaggio macchina e Assembler del 6502

by  David, Daniel-Jean

Published  in  1985

Programmierung des 6502

by  Zaks, Rodnay

Published  in  1985  by  Sybex

ISBN:  3887456009

Z80 Maschinenprogramme mit Sharp MZ 700 Und MZ 800

by  Helmut Ostermann

Published  in  1985  by  Vogel-Buchverlag

ISBN:  3802308301

Programming the Z80

by  Zaks, Rodnay

Published  by  Sybex

ISBN:  0895880946

The Z80 Microprocessor

by  Gaonkar, Ramesh

ISBN:  0675205409

Z80 Assembly Language Programming

by  Lance A. Leventhal

Published  by  Osborne/McGraw-Hill

Z80 Family CPU User Manual

Published  by  Zilog

Zilog Data Book

Published  by  Zilog

Zilog Z80 Family Product handbook

Published  by  Zilog