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Ai Electronics M16 UNIX computer

The Ai Electronics M16 was a UNIX system that came out in 1982. It was based on the 8086 CPU and was even equipped with a 8087 co-processor for mathmatical calculations. It also had a 8089 co-processor for I/O and a 8088 CPU for backwards compatibility with it's 8-bit predecessors.

The system came with one or two 8 inch 1MByte floppy disk drives, or one disk drive and an 8MByte winchester hard disk. The machine had no less than six RS232c ports, with an option of a total of 14 for multi-user configuration, had a centronics parallel port, and optional IEE-796 and IEE-48 bus expansion ports.

Intel 8086 CPU

The 8086 CPU from Intel is a 16-bit microprocessor and was designed between 1976 and 1978. The 8086 is the foundation of the x86 cpu architecture which is Intel's most successful line of processors.

The 8086 used the same microarchitecture as the 8-bit 8008, the 8080, and the 8085. This allowed assembly language programs to run seamlesly on the 8086. New instructions and features were added and the bus structure was designed to allow for collaboration with co-processors, such as the 8087 that was released later.

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Technical Details
Released 1982 Brand Ai Electronics Type AI Electronics ABC Name AI M16 CPU Class 80x86 CPU Intel 8086 @5-8MHz Memory RAM: 256
VRAM: 1MByte
Sound Chip none Sound none Display Chip none Display Text Best Text 80x24 Best Color none Best Graphics Text Only Sprites none System OS KUDOS86, CP/M 86, MP/M 86 Storage Two 8" Floppy Disk Drives Original Price $2899
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