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Robotron PC 1715

The Robotron PC 1715 was a Zilog Z80 based CP/M machine produced in East Germani in the mid-eighties. It was used mainly as office and educational computer. As many Eastern European computers of the time, it was mainly made with elementary TTL logic, as those parts were more readily available in the EastBloc countries.

The machine had no sound or graphics, but there are some prototype graphic mode expansion cards floating around. The first PC1715's were equiped with 360K/400K disk drives, but later versions were shipped with a single 800K drive.

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By Robotron CPU Zilog Z80 @@.25MHz Memory 64K RAM, 2K ROM Sound none Sprites n/a Display 80x24 Monochrome text Display Chip none Sound Chip none CPU Class Z80 Developed by VEB Robotron
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