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Apple Newton Message Pad 120, 8MB

The Apple Newton MessagePad 120 8MByte, is really the same as the Apple MessagePad 120, but has 8 MB of ROM instead of 4MB. It also has 1.0 MB (639k of system RAM, 385k of Flash RAM for internal storage) or 2.0 MB (687k of system RAM, 1,361k of Flash RAM for internal storage) of RAM, and infrared-beaming capabilities in a sleek handheld case with a 320x240 pressure-sensitive monochrome display for use with a provided stylus.

The Newton MessagePad 120 uses the same case as the Newton MessagePad 110 but lacks the rubberized surface. The MessagePad 120 also features a socketed ROM, more RAM, and the capability to use higher-power PCMCIA cards (325 mA). The Newton MessagePad was one of the first series of handheld systems, or PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), to attempt to recognize natural handwriting and use a basic form of artificial intelligence to 'tie' relevant information together. Please note that Newtons are technically not 'Macs', as they do not operate the MacOS, and instead use the NewtonOS (also developed by Apple).

Technical Details
Released 1995 Brand Apple Type Apple Newton Name Apple Newton M120-8MB CPU Class ARM CPU ARM 610 @ 20MHz Memory RAM: 2MB
Sound Chip none Sound 1-bit speaker Display Chip none Display Pressure-sensitive for use with stylus Best Color monochrome Best Graphics 240x320 monochrome Sprites none System OS NewtonOS Storage 385K internal flash RAM for storage
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Apple Newton  M120-8MB (1995)
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