Hitachi Computers  MB 6880

Hitachi MB-6880 BASIC Master Level 1

The Hitachi MB-6880 was announced in September of 1978 by Hitachi. It was an 8-bit computer that would later be called the "BASIC Master Level 1".

The computer could be connected to a special-purpose RGB monitor, but also to a television set. It could be programmed in BASIC, but was also capable of playing tunes that could be programmed with tones given by Japanese Kana characters. Many consider this computer to be the first example of the "personal computer".

Released 1978 Country Japan Brand Type HITA Basic Master Name MB 6880 CPU Class 6800 CPU Motorola 6800 @ 0.8MHz Memory 4kB RAM
18kB ROM
Sound Chip none Sound 3 octaves Display Chip none Display 64x48 text, 256x192 graphics Sprites none System OS MB-6880 BASIC Storage External Tape Original Price unknown
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