Hitachi Computers  MB 6892

Hitachi MB-6892 Basic Master Level-3 Mark 5

The Hitachi MB6890 was released in 1980 with Hitachi Level-3 BASIC version 1.0

The computer came with 48KByte of main RAM and 16KByte of VRAM. It was capable of high resolution of 640x200 and could display up to 8 colors.

The following optional peripherals were available:

  • Tape Recorder: 600/1200 baud
  • RGB Video & Composite out
  • Centronics Printer interface
  • Light-Pen
  • RS232C
  • 6 Expansion slots
  • Chinese Character ROM board
  • 8088 CPU Board
  • Disk Interface Board
  • Z80 CPU Board
  • RAM expansion boards

Released 1983 Country Japan Brand Type HITA Basic Master Name MB 6892 CPU Class 6800 CPU Motorola 6809 Memory 64kBByte
24kB ROM
Sound Chip none Sound unknown Display Chip none Display 80x25 text, 640x200 in 8 colors Sprites none System OS Hitachi Level 3 Basic v1.0 Storage External Tape Original Price 118000
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