NEWS - Atari VCS Review

Man Of Many | 2022-04-03 16:26:06

Atari VCS is a hybrid open platform console that was crowdfunded into existence. It possesses a classic console’s look, feel, and game selection for those chasing simpler times, along with a slew of modern upgrades that see the hardware also function as a budget PC. It features a mass of functions but doesn’t necessarily perform any to the standards one would expect from a console in 2022. Especially not when it carries roughly the same Australian price tag as a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The Atari VSC is available in two versions: Onyx and Black Walnut. The Black Walnut variant is reviewed. It features a woodgrain front panel and comes bundled with a modern wireless controller and a wireless joystick. Both versions are modelled on the Atari 2600 that was first released in 1977. VCS retains a similar shape to the classic console while doing away with the onboard switches and cartridge port. Plus, the entire design is slimmed and rounded at the edges, and the Atari logo at the front right lights up when the console is powered on. The designers have done a great job recapturing the original 45-year-old aesthetic while also making it look sleek and modern. I’d love to see the woodgrain make a comeback and feature on more contemporary technologies. When it comes to connections, there and two USB ports hidden in the beveled edge just beneath the wood veneer. Two more ports are found at the rear for four total. The front ports are ideal for charging the wireless controller and the joystick, while the rear ports are great for concealing the connections to PC accessories like a keyboard, mouse and portable hard drive. The rear panel is also where you’ll find the power button, HDMI and optional Ethernet port, as the Atari VCS features wireless connectivity. Overall, the design is one of the strongest elements of this retro remake, offering a display-worthy piece with enough modern connections to suit every user. It’s worth mentioning that the Onyx VCS doesn’t include any controllers but supports most third-party Bluetooth options.