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Fujitsu FM-11

The FM-11 (Fujitsu Micro 11) was a business computer announced by Fujitsu in November 1982. It is a higher-end model of their previous FM-8 computer, and was released simultaneously with the mass-market FM-7 machine. The FM-11 series was intended to be used in offices.

Japanese characters can be displayed within a 16×16 pixels matrix.


  • FM-11 EX: 6809 & 8088 dual CPUs
  • FM-11 AD: 6809 CPU only
  • FM-11 ST: Economy version of the AD, FDD is optional
  • FM-11 BS: 8088 CPU only
  • FM-11 AD2: OS-9 OS
  • FM-11 AD2+: Enhanced AD2 with 256KByte RAM

Intel 8088 CPU

The Intel 8088 microprocessor is a variant of the Intel 8086. The 8088 has an 8-bit external bus instead of the 16-bit bus that the 8086 has. The 16-bit registers and the 1MByte address range are unchanged, however. The 8086 and the 8088 have the same execution unit (EU), only the Bus Interface Unit (BIU) differs.

The original IBM PC architecture is based on the Intel 8088. The CPU runs at 5 to 16 MHz, has a 20-bit address bus and can work together with the 8087 Co-Processor. The 8088 was launched in 1979. The 8088 is compatible with the Intel 8085.

Technical Details
Released 1982 Brand Fujitsu Type Fujitsu FM Series Name FM 11 CPU Class 8088 CPU Intel 8088 @8MHz, 68B09E @2MHz Memory RAM: 128kB
RAM max: 1MB
Sound Chip none Sound Beeper Display Chip 68B09 for Video Display 640x200 8 color Best Color 8 colors Best Graphics 620x400 Sprites n/a System OS CP/M-86
Storage 5.25" Floppy Disk Original Price ¥398,000
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