Fujitsu  FM 11

Fujitsu FM-11

The FM-11 (Fujitsu Micro 11) was a business computer announced by Fujitsu in November 1982. It is a higher-end model of their previous FM-8 computer, and was released simultaneously with the mass-market FM-7 machine. The FM-11 series was intended to be used in offices.

Japanese characters can be displayed within a 16×16 pixels matrix.


  • FM-11 EX: 6809 & 8088 dual CPUs
  • FM-11 AD: 6809 CPU only
  • FM-11 ST: Economy version of the AD, FDD is optional
  • FM-11 BS: 8088 CPU only
  • FM-11 AD2: OS-9 OS
  • FM-11 AD2+: Enhanced AD2 with 256KByte RAM

Released 1982 Country Japan Brand Type FUJIT FM Series Name FM 11 CPU Class 8088 CPU Intel 8088 @8MHz, 68B09E @2MHz Memory 128kB RAM, 1MB Max Sound Chip none Sound Beeper Display Chip 68B09 for Video Display 640x200 8 color Sprites n/a System OS CP/M-86, OS-9, MS-DOS Storage 5.25" Floppy Disk Original Price ¥398,000
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