Fujitsu  FM Towns Fresh TV


The FM TOWNS II Fresh TV was a computer with built-in television functionality announced and launched by Fujitsu in May 1994. This model was a pioneering “TV computer” because it added a TV to the previous gold-standard FM TOWNS multimedia computer, which was the world’s first computer to come standard equipped with a CD-ROM drive.

Other than the ability to receive television signals, the Fresh TV has the same specifications as the other FM-Towns computers

Released 1994 Country Japan Brand Type FUJIT FM Series Name FM Towns Fresh TV CPU Class 80x86 CPU Intel 80486SX @33MHz Memory 6MB RAM, 36MB Max Sound Chip Rico RF5c68 / Yamaha YM2612 Sound 6 Channel FM, 8 channel 10-bit PCM, 1 channel 16-bit 44.1kHz PCM Display Chip none Display 720x512 32k/16M colors Sprites 1024 16x16 Sprites in 16 colors System OS Towns OS / WIndows 3.1 / DOSV Storage Disk Drive and built in CD-ROM Original Price unknown
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